A Little Tippity Tip

It should be illegal to go pants shopping while under the influence of menstruation.

Last week, the day before I was to leave for Vegas I left work early to pick up a few last-minute things prior to the trip. One of the things I set out to find was a pair of plain khaki pants, since you wonderful people convinced me that I needed to wear khakis to the conference. At that time, I didn’t own a pair of khaki pants.

Halfway through that shopping trip, I remembered why I didn’t own a pair of khaki pants – because, in my experience, plain khaki pants are INCREDIBLY difficult to find for some reason. I didn’t want khaki capris. I didn’t want khaki-colored suit pants. I didn’t want TAPERED-LEG khaki pants. I didn’t want khaki pants with cargo pockets. I didn’t want ultra-low rise khaki pants. I just wanted a plain damn pair of khaki pants with a bootcut leg. That’s it.

Here’s where I went looking for said pants:

  1. The mall (NY & Company, The Gap, American Eagle, Express)
  2. Target
  3. Burlington Coat Factory
  4. Cato
  5. T.J. Maxx

I’d like to add that pretty much every store on that list was ten to fifteen minutes in the opposite direction from whatever store preceded it. About halfway through the khaki pants expedition, I began to leave Sammi increasingly psychotic voice mails about khaki pants. So I headed back to the mall, thinking maybe I’d get lucky in Belk.

After wandering around like a blithering idiot lost in the desert, I finally stumbled into the Misses Casual or whatever it’s called, where I found a pair of Tommy Hilfiger khaki pants that were exactly what I had in mind. And when my normal size would barely button, I developed temporary amnesia about my gargantuan menstrual bloat and bought the next size up.

A week later, I’m swimming in the damn next size up.

And when I think about the fact that in my haze of menstrual insanity, I spent almost SEVENTY DOLLARS on a pair of pants that I should have known would be too loose in a week, I die a little inside.

12 Replies to “A Little Tippity Tip”

  1. Yikes, I’d be dying inside too. And, because I was one of those who suggested the khakis, I feel somewhat responsible. For that, I am sorry. :)

    If you haven’t already tried to dry them…That’s what I’d do, it should do the trick (hopefully)!

  2. I am in love with this blog entry. Thanks for that. I could have stopped after the first sentence and been just as happy. But the whole dern thang has left me grinnin’. Choice. Thanks.

    Please keep writing. We’re reading.

  3. There’s probably a joke to be made connecting the line “I die a little inside” with the menstruation references…but I think it may be too dark, even for me.

  4. I had a pair of khaki TH pants once and they shrunk up like a bitch in the washer/dryer. So it’s possible yours will too.

  5. OK, so did you end up needing them at the conference? I’m curious if it was more on the casual side as you’d heard.

    Also, you should have tried Old Navy. :) Not that that matters much NOW.

  6. The first day, I wore the khakis, and everyone else was in a wide array of clothing from full-on suits to stretch pants. The presenters both wore jeans.

    The second day I wore black pants and a twinset and everyone else wore jeans. I can’t win.

  7. a “twinset”?

    i am SO not a girl.

    i hear twinset and think it must be another squick-inducing boobphemism, like “juggs.”

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