Things To Maybe Do, Possibly

Re: Headaches

  1. Get ass to the eye doctor ASAP and get new eye prescriptions in an attempt to alleviate 24-hour-a-day crushing headaches.
  2. Start doing yoga or something again in case stress has anything to do with the headaches (likely).
  3. Eat something other than noodles, kettle corn, and various kinds of Diet Coke in case bizarro teenage gamer diet has anything to do with headaches.
  4. Start taking Claritin again in case headaches are related to potential cat allergies.
  5. Remember to take sweet, sweet Wellbutrin daily in case headaches are related to inconsistent serotonin levels.
  6. Drink some damn water already in case headaches are related to dehydration.

Re: Humble Abode

  1. Paint living room and master bedroom.
  2. Replace the damn cabinet handles in kitchen like I’ve been planning since the day I moved in.
  3. Replace loathsome, ugly, cockeyed, not-matching-a-damn-thing, badly-done laminate floor tiles in downstairs bathroom.
  4. Make some sense out of the spare bedroom.
  5. Rake and bag the stupid leaves on the patio.
  6. Find something to plant in the patio edging dirt that will survive despite very shady location and inevitable owner neglect.
  7. Take the one living indoor plant to the office before kittens eat/poop in/destroy it (none of which has happened yet, but they’ve been eyeing it with interest).
  8. Locate and kill all non-feline living creatures (mainly, effin’ spiders).

Re: Car

  1. WASH THE DAMN THING, especially since it’ll be 65 degrees tomorrow.

5 Replies to “Things To Maybe Do, Possibly”

  1. I love the totally pink layout. I can’t paint my own humble abode (dorm room), but sometimes renovating the blog is equally fun.

  2. God, I LONG to paint in my apt., and I really don’t think my Landlord would have much objection, but considering I just found out he thinks Jamie is my husband, not best friend, I have a feeling that if I ask him about painting the walls, he’ll be like “You want to grate the walrus?” Also, I never did finish painting my last bedroom. Long story short: I envy you.

  3. LMAO! I swear we have the same to-do lists. I haven’t washed my car in months, but WHY I haven’t done so, is beyond me. You’d think I’d have done it by now, seeing as we haven’t had any precip since the “Dallas is Icing Over We’re All Gonna DIE!” a while back. I’ve been having some pretty wicked headaches myself, too; but didn’t even think of my glasses — which are an older prescription as well. Oy.

  4. that’s so strange – i get horrible headaches too. there are a couple of yoga poses that really help my headaches, one involves sort of rolling on the top of my head, involves kneeling then putting my head forward and placing weight on it. highly soothing.

  5. I had to start taking Claritan again this year, after about a year off. It sure beats wanting to remove my brain with an ice cream scoop…

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