Three reasons why I was running late this morning:

  1. I got out of bed much, much later than expected;
  2. Abby fell in the toilet while I was putting on makeup;
  3. I fell ass-over-teakettle down the townhouse stairs in my oh-so-hot high-heeled boots.

Guess which one is a lie?

4 Replies to “Excuses”

  1. erm. 1 is a lie.

    although! perhaps you do not subscribe to the hot boots at work theory? personally, i never understood why hot boots are considered professional clothing.

    i have never wondered why they are considered hot. mrowr.

  2. Ass-over-teakettle — HA! Wait… does that make your head the “teakettle”?

    I’m confused.

    And see? Trixie boots will be your downfall (literally).


    a over k–totally a southern thing, yeah?

    the new logo thingie is PURTY.

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