The new Rival skillet magically managed to fall off the top of the refrigerator this weekend. Yep, it’s broken.

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  1. I think it jumped off because I like the new Presto skillet much better (I bought it just before I knew I was being sent a “free” Rival skillet).The Rival skillet still cooks unevenly, liquid goes to the edges, burns the food in the middle……….But the concept of being able to remove the pan to wash it without getting the cord and/or coils wet is still the best feature. Even if I can’t stand to cook with it. So the question remains, which one of my girls would like to be “willed” this wonderful free skillet?

  2. You guys are hilarious! I love that your dad fixed the skillet with parts from the old one.

    Woman, you’re going to have a time trying to find a man as handy. ;)

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