Quick Quick Lickety-Split

Five stores that get a lot of my money:

  1. Target (duh. Target is life.)
  2. Kroger (groceries, duh again)
  3. Wal*Mart (as much as I hate to admit it, their toiletries and housewares are irresistibly inexpensive)
  4. CVS (I’m so excited about spending $80 on allergy medicine yesterday. Ragweed rocks! Shitty health insurance is rad!)
  5. Tie: Ann Taylor LOFT/Gap/Old Navy (for clothing items I can’t find at Target)

Now you – what are your top five? We’re just talking stores where you buy things, here – Amazon.com can count, but leave out the gas station. I don’t care if that rule makes no sense. Go for it!

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  1. 1.Trader Joe’s Market
    4.that’s it.
    5.I don’t shop regularly.

    I’ve thought about it and it’s true. That’s it. I’m paying rent, a few bills and paying off debt. There’s nothing else I need but food, soap and other toiletry (sp?) items from Trader’s Joe’s. Two reasons I’m not at Whole Foods any more is 1. “Two Buck Chuck” only avail. at TJ’s. (google it) and 2. Whole Foods is just too far. In their effort to be BIG they’re really spread out. I’ve got 3 TJ locations totally close by. …but I do miss the produce from Whole Foods.

    Okay, but as I get closer to being debt free and begin to spend more money I can tell you that the following will also get a lot of my money:

    1. Enterprise Rent-a-Car. (at $10 days during weekends mean I’ll be doing it regularly to get to where the Vespa can’t take me.)
    2. American Airlines (et al) (I’m going to begin to take little 3 day trips to Dallas, New York, Chicago – I miss my friends more than I’ve ever missed family and I don’t plan on letting them fade away this time.)
    3. Outlet Stores for Banana Republic (whatever, there’s some sh*t I want and all I ever get are boxers on sale)
    4. Threadless.com
    5. Scooterworks.com (as I get back to rebuilding the Vespa I’ve got new exhaust, new seat comin’ and then I’ll be repainting early next year)

  2. 1. Safeway
    2. Starbucks
    3. Post Office
    4. Jackpot Records
    5. Reading Frenzy

    This was actully surprisingly difficult. Now that I don’t have a car and since I have been mega-broke, most of my dough has gone to food from safeway, and the bus (but not typically buying bus tickets, so i couldnt’ count that).

    I almost counted powells.

  3. I avoid chains whenever possible, but sometimes the big boxes have driven them into the ground.

    1. Trader Joe’s (yo, Anthony!)
    2. Local Hardware Store
    3. Local Bookstore
    4. Edible Landscapes (big planting this year)
    5. Local Pharmacy

    Buying at local shops keeps the middle class employed, as big box stores hire minimum wage, and suck the money off to the top executives, rich shareholders, and the Chinese government. It is often not as cheap, but there are more likely American products for sale, and I avoid unnecessary purchases, so I end up spending about the same.

    I do also shop online, especially if I would have to make a special trip out of the way. I’ve been a conserver of gasoline from way back.

  4. Target. Target Target Target. I worked at Target during college, and I hated it as an employee but learned to love it as a shopper. I’ve brainwashed my sister’s kids, too; they can be heard to say “We have to go to Wal-Mart? Why can’t we go to Target?” at least once a week.
    Hangs head. Wal-Mart. It’s just so fucking cheap. I avoid it at all costs, but damn.
    hangs head again. Walgreens. When I go to pay $120 for my Wellbutrin (hurrah for health insurance that only calls itself health insurance yet somehow ends up in my spending more money than if I just bought this shit myself), I buy things. Like eyeliner and Snickers bars.
    Shop ‘N’ Save. Because the more you shop, the more you save, every day at Shop ‘N’ Save. Also? Because I need groceries.
    I guess Lane Giant. Because fat girls need clothes too.

  5. Comments on Comments first:
    Safeway!! :) sigh… The Grand-Opening Safeway … good times.. and remember Albertson’s?! Ah.. childhood

    And Lane Giant.. OMG that’s fucking hilarious.. I’ve never heard that!

    So yeah.. who doesn’t get my money these days?

    1. Walmart.. one of the 72 in Harrisonburg, until Target opens on Sunday.
    2. Food Kitty(Lion)
    3. Kroger
    4. Various T-shirt sellers online
    5. Um.. Grand Home Furnishings and Circuit City tie for lots of money recently due to laptop and bed/mattress purchases (but that’s a lot of money at once vs. lots of money over multiple trips)

  6. And also, we need to go to the Dayton Farmer’s Market and the Green Valley Bookfair when you come visit me… and POC is not next weekend (the 15th & 16th) it the one after (the 22nd) i think

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