Saucy Girl

Exactly two cool things happened today. The rest blew chunks.

1. I worked out. Woo. Hoo-fucking-ray. That’s two miles down, and I’m vaguely aiming to get ten to twelve miles in this week, so good for me. (Last week I did nine.)

2. I made pasta sauce from scratch for dinner tonight, and it actually turned out to taste really good. I’m a little more excited about this one.

I had these tomatoes on the counter that my parents gave me two weeks ago or so, and I hadn’t gotten around to using them and they were too ripe to put on sandwiches, so I decided to look in my favorite cookbook EVAH, Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, to see if I could find something to do with them.

And once again, Mark didn’t let me down. I had enough stuff lying around the kitchen to make his basic tomato sauce recipe, and it turned out beautifully, and tasted awesome on a little spaghetti. Oh, and did I mention that it was hellaciously easy? Yeah. It was.

Seriously, I just heated some olive oil, minced onion, and garlic in a pan till it got hot, and while it was heating up, I cored the three big tomatoes and cut them into two or three pieces each. Then I crushed the pieces with my hands and threw them into the pot and turned the heat up and let it go until it started to look like sauce – about ten minutes or so. Then I threw in some salt and pepper and stirred in another tablespoon of olive oil and spooned the whole mess over my spaghetti, and it was SO GOOD. And there’s enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Yay.

But seriously, the rest of the day was total crap.

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  1. I’m about to go running and come home for pasta. If I log the miles for you, will you make this sauce for me? Seriously sounds yummy.

  2. have you ever considered running a marathon?

    seriously, you seem like a very goal-oriented person. i know that when lindsey would be training she would run a shit ton every week, and then when she was done with the marathon she hardly ran at all.

    it gives you something to strive for, and it’s much mre BAD ASS to be like, “yeah,” cracking your neck, “i’m training for the FUCKIN MARATHON.”

    in other news, i am kind of in love with caps lock lately. and rediscovering ovaltine.

  3. My Nanie gave me that book when I moved out, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. The recipes are really easy to follow, and he gives so much basic information that I’d feel dumb asking anyone about. I’ve seriously just flipped through it skimming random stuff more than once, just to learn. And I’ve been finding myself using his techniques for really basic things, too, like hard-boiled eggs. I’m a lazy cook, and I really like using this book for stuff.

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