creative bug

So I’m back from band camp, a few dollars richer, although I’ve spent many of those dollars on clothes and stuff I needed (and some stuff I didn’t) in the past couple of days.

This might sound lame to some of you, especially since it’s framed within the context of a marching band, but deciding to take this job was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I drove away from that high school on Friday night feeling incredibly tired, but immensely proud of myself. I accomplished something big. I created something. I choreographed an eight minute show from beginning to end, by myself, and taught it to ten girls who have never worked so hard in their lives as they did this week. I wrote work for over 200 measures of music. And that show looks good.

It has been my baby, something I worked on in spare time at home and on the fly while the band was blocking drill, on weekends here and during meals at camp. I brought it all together and I showed them how to do it. They are challenged, but impressed. And the parents, the staff, the administrators – so many people came up to me and told me how pleased they were with my work, and how they’re so thankful that I came to do this job. And I, in turn, am quite thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Because now I’m in a groove that I’ve found only sporadically in the past few years. All the creativity I’ve been wasting lately is now sitting at arm’s length, waiting for me to use it again.

This time, I won’t wait so long.

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