that’s what i call customer service

On a whim, my mom wrote an email to Rival to tell them that Mom and Dad’s cat broke the lid on her electric skillet, which she never really liked anyway because it was warped and didn’t cook evenly. She didn’t have a warranty or anything, she’d never registered the product, she didn’t know when she got it, and it’s not clear from her email what her point was aside from letting them know that Steve the cat broke the skillet lid.

So Rival sent her a brand new electric skillet for free – a whole skillet, not just a replacement lid – along with an email telling her that they would extend this to her “just this once.” So, you know, they aren’t going to just up and send her a new skillet every single time the cat breaks it. They’ll just do that this one time.

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  1. That reminds me of the time in 7th grade when Sister Angelique told us that she had bought a package of tissue paper and when she opened it, half of it was ripped. So she wrote the company, and they sent her like, some mega-deluxe-super pack of fancy tissue paper. She was SHOCKED that they would believe her enough to send her free product, and even at 12, I was like, “Dude, tissue paper costs, like, 1/10 of a cent to make. And you’re a nun.’

  2. the skillet story is pretty awesome. but sorry lorie, i think the nun story might trump it. both thank you both for a great start to my morning!

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