Just Out of Curiosity

Is a buzz cut an acceptable way of dealing with the early onset of male-pattern baldness? Discuss.

9 Replies to “Just Out of Curiosity”

  1. No. Shave your head.
    Don’t subtly declare to the world that you’ve started that stupid game with your hairilne:
    “It thins here, I’ll shorten it. I moves there, I’ll even out the line…”

    Just shave your head and let the world that your days of giving a flying Fk about it are done; you’re not playing around. Point – set – match.

  2. I’d like to think that when the follicular situation begins heading south, I’ll let my hair grow roughshod (no combs involved) and focus on compensating with valuable wristwatches and sports cars.

  3. I’m with ~A. I have a guy at work who can’t be much older than me, who’s got the comb-forward. The buzz is preferable, but the baldness is preferablEST.

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