“Same Team, Dwight.”

Dear everyone:

If you haven’t been watching The Office — the new American version, on NBC Tuesdays at 9:30 EST (after Scrubs) — you probably should be. It’s really, really funny, and although I haven’t seen its BBC predecessor, I hear that the American version is different enough to stand quite well on its own. Tuesday’s “basketball” episode was hilarious, and probably the best so far. Stanley’s dribbling? Awesome.

Next week’s the season finale, so you have one last chance to get in on it. I don’t know if it’ll be renewed, but I hope it will!

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  1. I’ve never seen the Brit version either, but the NBC version – holy MOLY is that shit funny. Dwight with his mask and his anime tee playing b-ball? Hilarious. I really hope it gets renewed as well.

  2. The point is that it doesn’t matter if the Brit version is better. The point is that this version is DIFFERENT. I’m sure the British version is great and I’ll do my best to see it sometime, but the American version is good on its own, and I’m hoping it can continue to make strides away from the original, because I fear that if it’s constantly compared to the original, it’s going to get canned. How many people compare Trading Spaces to Changing Rooms these days?

  3. You summed it up perfectly, Lorie. It’s not that it’s “not as good as the Brit version,” it’s just *different*. (I say that never having seen the Brit version, as I said above.) I don’t think people are giving it a fair chance. Also, I heart Jim.

  4. Seen both versions. I didn’t think either was THAT funny, but I have to say the American version isn’t much different, just American and not British.

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