computer cart

On my computer cart at work:

  • phone
  • computer monitor
  • rubber ladybug coaster from o.r.e. housewares
  • one empty bottle of dannon water
  • one half-empty bottle of poland spring water
  • one half-empty bottle of diet pepsi (consumption in progress)
  • bottle cap for the diet pepsi
  • bottle cap for a winning diet dr. pepper
  • plastic spoon
  • red pilot precise v7 pen (capless)
  • a piece of a plastic picture frame
  • a paper clip
  • speakers
  • a glass mug containing: two sharpies, a blue marker, a purple marker, and a pencil
  • tissues
  • floppy disk box
  • bottle of advil
  • bottle of aleve
  • five, count ’em, five pads of post-it notes, some with writing
  • 4 post-it notes unattached to pads
  • a red paper clip attached to one of the post-its for no reason
  • a foam shark
  • a tiny teak bud vase with a pink paper umbrella in it
  • a calculator
  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • mouse pad

Like you care.

7 Replies to “computer cart”

  1. Certainly aware of your surroundings. Is there a story behind the “piece of picture frame”?

  2. Okay, you know there is a story behing the teak vase and pink umbrella, I'm curious to know what it is.

  3. a)The piece of picture frame is actually supposed to be the part that makes it stand up. I broke it trying to make it work.b)I actually scavenged the bud vase/umbrella from Boss' old office before someone new moved into it. It reminds me of her – I'll have to email her and ask where it's from.

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