In Which My College Football Obsession Rears its Obsessive Head

I have the NCAA Football Sportsline 119 rankings bookmarked and I check them daily, sometimes even during the summer which is retarded because in case you didn’t know, there’s no college football in the summer. Actually, it’s kind of stupid to check them daily even during the fall, since they only update weekly, but check the title of this post and you may see where I’m coming from on this.

The main reason I have the Sportsline 119 bookmarked instead of some other ranking is because NU rarely makes the top 25, and this is one of the few rankings pages where they’ll be included.

I’ve been known, on occasion, to write pissy little emails to the Sportsline web staff, insisting that their rankings on a given day must contain a mistake. Actually, I think one time I did this there really was a mistake, where they listed Northwestern as a loss on a game they actually won, and the rankings reflected it.

Today, I’m tempted to write another pissy missive because, despite being 2-0 on the season, my Wildcats actually dropped from 61 to 62 this week, while the stupid NIU Huskies, despite being 0-2 and losing to us on Saturday, rose from 63 to 59. Yes, I know, we squeaked out a win by the skin of our teeth and, really, the only reason we won is because NIU went for the 2-point conversion for the win instead of kicking for a tie at the end of the game, and the quarterback overthrew the pass, thus not converting anything and letting us win. But still. We did win.

I hate you anyway, stupid Huskies.

Let me tell you about Tyrell Sutton. You know who’s awesome? Tyrell Sutton. I like Tyrell because he’s a little guy (in football, anyway) and I like the little fast guys a lot. I really like Tyrell, though, because so far in this very young season, he’s rushed for 318 yards and has scored 6 (!!) touchdowns.

Which is particularly awesome since he’s a true freshman who got into the first game when the starter suffered an injury, and promptly proceeded to blow everyone away with his awesomeness.

We need someone like Tyrell on the team, and if he keeps up the awesomeness at this rate, the future looks very bright indeed.

And you know what else? I had the Fall 2005 Inaugural Pumpkin Delight the other day. I so totally love fall.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea about the Pumpkin Delight. I may just have to try those. I’m a huge sucker for Fall and all things pumpkin-y. In fact, Barry came home from Target the other day and surprised me with two new dish towels that have pumpkins on them. He thought I’d love them and he was right.

    This just made me think about the things around the house I don’t like doing so much…putting away laundry, cleaning the kitty litter, emptying the dishwasher….if only there was some way to incorporate pumpkins, then I’d love all of the household chores.

  2. Tyrell Sutton is my mom’s new favorite. She was in love with Noah Herron, and was seriously devastated when he graduated. I think she liked him so much partly because he was good, but mostly because she wanted me to marry him and change my name to… wait for it… Erin Herron. Let’s all laugh it up at my and my mom’s expense.

    I personally am liking Ryan Peterson, a kicker who doesn’t make us look like prime fools every time he’s on the field, and who’s last name doesn’t rhyme with my first name.

  3. Lorie, were you at NU when Autry played? He was pretty incredible stuff.

    Sutton does indeed look amazing. My favorite part was how i swear to god he didn’t lose yards on any play until like the fourth quarter.

  4. Well, I have nothing but hopes and best wishes for you. FWIW, I was rootin’ like crazy the year you folks came out to Pasadena… you did yourselves proud. And heck, you’ve been in the Rose Bowl Game more recently (1996) than my alma mater has (1959).

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