My Sucky Hair Dryer

It’s official: my hair dryer is a piece of shit.

We don’t have nearly enough hair dryers in our home to cover five women. Actually, we really only have one. So a few weeks ago I decided to go out and buy my own so I’d never have to fight over the dryer, or worse, so I wouldn’t have to wait around while my hair began to air-dry and curl up into a mess.

I have to start drying my hair when it’s completely wet in order to get it nice and smooth – if I let it air-dry for too long, it’s a lost cause.

So I got this new hair dryer, the Conair Ceramic Speed Styler, at Target. It’s very cool-looking, all silver and purple, and because I’m shallow I must confess this had an impact on my decision to purchase it. It was also 1875 watts, and supposed to dry really fast, and had a turbo switch, and was on sale.

The first time I used it I noticed that it didn’t feel very hot (and I used the turbo setting the entire time). I prefer a more scorch-the-head hair dryer, so that bugged me a bit, but I decided to give it some time. Which I have done. And my hair has looked like flat, floppy poop every single day since I got that damn hair dryer.

Today I went back to the old dryer, and my hair is back to its usual healthy, flippy self. So now I need to go find another new hair dryer. Maybe I’ll sell this one on ebay or something. Sigh.

My dream hair dryer is a Farouk Chi dryer, but they’re like $100 – $200, and I’m just not in that socioeconomic sphere at this time.

In other news, I started physical therapy today for my bad shoulder, which I actually may have never mentioned here so far. I have a bad shoulder. I actually have two bad shoulders, but one is significantly worse than the other. If they don’t improve in a few weeks I may need surgery. Yuck.

So anyway, this morning they hooked me up to the TENS unit (which delivers electric impulses via those little sticky circles) and packed ice over it and let me chill out in a dark, quiet room for twenty minutes. That, my friends, was awesome. And really seemed to help the shoulder, too.

Finally, I want to share with you that I’ve jumped on the free iPods bandwagon, after the article at claimed its legitimacy. If you love me and want to help me get an iPod, you could click on my referral link and go sign up for BMG or like pay $4 to get a 7-day sample of weight loss pills or some crap like that. And I’d love you forever. I’d even pitch in on whatever Internet advertising strategy that might be tempting you.

This weekend: going to support my sisters at their volleyball car wash, bingo, sleep, choreography. I was supposed to go hear John Edwards speak tomorrow, but someone forgot to go pick up tickets for me today, and so now it appears that we won’t be doing that after all. But that’s okay. I’ll sleep in, instead.

6 Replies to “My Sucky Hair Dryer”

  1. I heard that they've just added an overflow room for the Edwards appearance tomorrow, you may still be able to get in! I'm not sure if you need tickets for the overflow room or not though. I did hear that it was going to be closed-circuit television in there… so it won't be quite the same.

  2. 1) everyone should go to the car wash

    2)jamie says that dryer sucks too

    3)when i had therapy on my ankle, they put those shocky things on my leg

  3. Is everyone here registered to vote? You'd better be – and in your state!

    Choosing a dryer on color is like choosing a lover for the pants a guy wears. now you know. <br.

    /I've got very nice leg-wear.

  4. I would just like to point out that the good dryer is actually MINE… and I won it at the after prom party my junior year. And it does totally rock. :)

  5. You are fully aware that you can take the piece of shit back to Target and say “This dries like my ass would if I rubbed it on my head,” and they'll give you a refund, right?

  6. Hope your treatment works on your shoulder. I've had to work on mine as well (mostly rotational exercises, stretches, posture, and specific, focused weight reps), and it has rebounded back to quasi normal.
    And too bad about the Edwards speaking engagement, but you'll be able to get the gist of it from newscast or online.

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