Small Guy, Big Voice

I want to confess that I just downloaded a Rick Astley song on iTunes and listened to it twice in a row. And I paid 99 of my hard-earned cents for it, too.

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  1. together foreever and never to part
    together forever witchoo
    and don’t you know i would move heaven and earth
    to be together forever with you

  2. next confession: it was neither of those songs, although i like them both and am considering going back to download them. it was “cry for help,” which i heard on the patio at lunch yesterday for the first time since it was on the billboard chart, probably. is it wrong to have a section of my iTunes library devoted to the rick astley catalogue, such as it is?

  3. I am familiar with RE but we don’t use it here, mainly because it’s too expensive for us.

  4. The SNL version (I can’t remember who did it, but it was pre-Chris Rock) went:

    I’m in the middle of puberty
    Everybody makes fun of me
    The voice of a black man in the body of Howdy Doody

  5. Dude, here are my embarrassing iTunes: “I’ll Be There” by Escape Club and “Hole Hearted” by Extreme. Then I got wise and realized that I can access my local library online and get a bunch of CDs out and not pay 99 cents a song. Duh.

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