Lonesome Polecat

I’m freezing. These are the days when I rue the 3/4 sleeve sweater, because what I really wish I were wearing is a sweater with sleeves I can pull down over my hands, except I already wore that sweater this week.

I have just finished my early lunch, which consisted of:

  1. Campbell’s Soup at Hand (Creamy Tomato. God, I love Soup at Hand.)
  2. Nestle French Vanilla Hot Cocoa (Vanilla and chocolate all together. Seriously awesome.)

This, of course, means that I will have to stop twice on the way home to pee.

I’m leaving at 1, hurray! I’m taking a half-vacation-day for Veteran’s Day, and also because I need to run some errands this afternoon. Woo, errands.

In other news, I know everyone already knows this and I meant to post about it briefly days ago, but Howard Keel died over the weekend of colon cancer. When I first heard about it, they kept saying he’d been on Dallas, which I’ve never seen, and I was thinking “oh dude, that’s so weird that he died the day they were airing the Dallas reunion thing.” So I went home and was hanging out in the living room and was like “Hey guys, did you know that Howard Keel died? Isn’t that so weird that he died the day they were airing the Dallas reunion thing?”

And my mom was wandering around and heard me and absolutely screeched, “HOWARD KEEL DIED?” and I’m all “yeah, what is he, your boyfriend?” and she goes, “DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS?”

I didn’t. She reminded me that he was Adam Pontipee in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, a movie that my mom and sisters and I all love and have practically memorized. So then Sammi had to sing about being a lonesome polecat, which is her favorite part in the movie (I think), and we had to sing about sobbin’ women, ’cause that’s what we do at my house, and we begged to have a Howard Keel Tribute Night and watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers immediately, but Dad is not so much down with the musical and so we’ll have to do it another time. Anyway.

You know, I had originally intended to begin a tally of honkings, thinking it would be all clever to keep a running list and add it to my entries every day. Except the problem is that I haven’t been honked a single time since I posted about the honking. Seriously. Not once. Evidently every single person who honked me was a reader and saw that I was getting freaked out. I had no idea I was so popular.

Oh, also, I had no idea that Honda Civic owners had enough time on their hands to visit my site fairly regularly and slam me for making fun of Honda Civic overcustomization freaks. Also, if the evidence in my comments section is any indication, people who spend all their time customizing Honda Civics can neither spell nor type.

It’s kind of funny, really.

7 Replies to “Lonesome Polecat”

  1. I just found out this morning that the “adult sedan” I bought is considered a hip car with young kids because they alter them and soup them up. How sad that I'm “hip” without intention … I'm scared now of what I'll see online.

  2. If memory serves me correctly, I think there was some new Dodge Neon-ish sportcar (see? my memory?) at the State Fair's car show last year. All I remember is that it was a Dodge, it was REALLY fast (stock, I might add), and it was bright yellow.

    Funny, I don't recall seeing any Civics of any kind at the car show.


  3. LoL, my dad has a Neon. If his car was a person, I think it would be a bald fat man.
    When my dad gets a new car in a few years, I'll probably get a hold of his old one. I can't wait to tackify it– fuzzy dice on the rear veiw mirror, animal print seat covers, bobblehead puppies on the dashboard and troll dolls in the back window. It's going to be absolutely halarious.

  4. IIIIIII'm a loooooonesome POOOOOOOOOOOOLE CAT. Loooooonesome saaaaad aaaaand bluuuuuue. :) I love 7 brides for 7 brothers.

  5. I love the part where they all dance and show off by doing cartwheels and log-rolling and, like, not dying. That's my favorite part.

  6. As far as I know, civics are very popular to pimp out because it's the one car that pretty much every part can fit on. It's very customizable. Does that make it unique/stylish/desirable? Um, fuck no! If someone is going to throw 30g's into a car, I would highly suggest getting something more classy say like, a Toyota Supra? Oh wait that's not fancy either. Damn, I guess those kids are SOL.

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