My arms and legs and joints and back and reproductive organs hurt. I feel like someone beat me with a sock full of nickels. I’m taking a ten-minute lunch to eat pudding and a chicken sandwich (pickles + light mayo only please) and then I’m working working working. We have an event tonight; I will be meeting a Very Important And Famous Republican Person and listening to a lecture. Should be interesting.

I had all these great plans for the weekend. On Saturday I was going to sweep and bag the rest of the leaves on my patio (a project I started and subsequently abandoned in November or so), then take my cameras downtown and/or to the Blackwater Creek Trail to take some pictures. On Sunday I was going to clean the house and get most of the packing done for my trip, since I knew I’d be working late tonight and wouldn’t have a lot of extra time.

What did I do this weekend? Well, I spent most of it reading on the couch. I did at least get the laundry and the dishes done and the trash taken out, but I didn’t take pictures of anything but kitten feet, and I didn’t clean anything but litterboxes, and I didn’t pack anything at all. Mostly because I felt like I’d been beaten with a sock full of nickels.

The back of my neck hurts. My sinuses hurt. My shoulders hurt.

I think I’m going to take a half-day of personal time tomorrow so that I can run out and pick up a few things and run some errands before I leave.

I’m stressed about flying. I love airports but not planes, and my flight from Philadelphia to Las Vegas is five and a half hours long. It’ll be the longest flight I’ve ever had – the next contender was a three-hour flight from Chicago to San Antonio in 2000, and that flight seemed like an eternity. My carrier is US Airways. I fly with them often and I know that they sometimes sell first-class upgrades for less than $100 if they have any seats open. I was hoping to take advantage of that on this trip, but the plane is packed to the gills so chances are looking slim. Maybe I can get bumped and get a free ticket or something.

I’m worried I’ll get airsick. I’m worried I’ll get jet lag. I’m worried I’ll get claustrophobic. I don’t know when in the hell I became such a nervous flier, but there you have it.

Bleargh. I’m really stressed out and I don’t feel good.

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  1. Sometimes reading on the couch is the best thing a weekend can be used for. The leaves will be there next time you get a chance.

    perhaps you can get free alcohol to help your plane trip. trust me, i know from long flights–chicago to seoul? a bit crazy. just don’t listen to that one bright eyes album. the one that has the happy song about a happy plane crash. i made that mistake once.

    but you can watch a movie and bring music! maybe your city has an audiobook library (i know my library and the nyc one allows downloads straight to your own computer) and you can get a book or something.

    rosemary used to get airsick every. time. she. flew. she repeats one word over and over for concentration on take off and landing and now it doesnt happen anymore.

  2. I hear ya on the pain front… only somone took a metal box full of quarters to me. I think my right knee is starting to do the things my left knee did before It started locking up on me… hooray, so here’s to hoping I don’t have to have another $11,000 surgery to take the screws out, cause I sure have my own utility knife and phillips head… I’ll do that shit for FREE!

    Have fun in Vegas…. put a quarter on 7 for me!

  3. Hang in there. I spent much of the weekend on the couch. I caught up on all of last season of “Project Runway”. It was very soothing for my cold.

    Keep up the good fight, Lorie…

  4. If you take along 2 good books (enough for the flight out and back, and in the waiting area before you board), you will find yourself pre-occupied. What kind of literature do you find absorbing?

  5. Ooh! Definitely shoot for the first-class upgrade. When you’re flying to Vegas, the plane crew just kind of automatically assumes you’re on vacation and in total party mode, so they treat you like a semi-celeb. Flying first class might be the most vacation-y part of your trip!

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