Two Sentences That Don’t Seem Like They’d Be Related, But Are

I’m kind of sad today, but not for any specific or justifiable reason. I think I’ma go get a pretzel and eat it in the car.

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  1. If you are still eating white flour products, you’ll be trapped on a blood sugar roller coaster, and this form of high glycemic diet leads to snacking on the wrong foods, which inhibit one’s ability to get their weight back to the desired target point.

    I’m 8 pounds under the ‘overweight’ mark for my height. That’s 40 pounds less than I was a couple of years ago. I started eating better foods and dropped 27 over 2 years. I went on South Beach (which is really understanding what foods are the most healthy) and dropped another 14 in a month and have been at that weight for 8 months now. And I’ve never counted a single calorie nor gone hungry.

  2. Somehow, I’ll bet you don’t give two shits about the calories in that pretzel right now — at least you shouldn’t.

    Enjoy it.

  3. Holy Crap, dude. She’s sad and wants a pretzel – she’s just Sharing with us, not asking for a weightloss regimin.


    Hey, Lorie, don’t be sad no more – turn that frown upside down – you’re Super – A+ – Good Job! – May Happiness Be Yours

    …each one of those is an appropriate comment.

    ~Tio Beto

  4. pretzels make me happy.

    especially the big soft chewy buttery ones with lots and lots of salt.

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