We Didn’t Zap Sadie

I spent all of Friday a sobbing mess, grieving in advance because we expected to have to put our little weiner dog Sadie to sleep the next day. Sadie had been very sick lately, was losing weight, and was emitting this absolutely horrible pit-of-hell stench from somewhere inside her body. We had prepared ourselves for the possibility that the vet couldn’t do anything to save her, and that we’d have to say goodbye on Saturday morning.

As it turns out, we got lucky, and brought Sadie home that day with a big ol’ bag of medicine and an appointment for surgery on Thursday. Seems she had some rotten teeth that had caused her to get a pretty serious infection. My mom brushes her teeth every time she bathes her, but lately she hadn’t been letting anyone get near her mouth and the smell was so awful that no one could stand to fight her on it. So they’re taking most of her teeth out this week, and we’ll have a little goofy toothless dog. But she’ll be alive.

That’s all I have today.

9 Replies to “We Didn’t Zap Sadie”

  1. I'm glad you'll have a toothless doggie than having to say goodbye to her! Wishing Sadie a speedie recovery from surgery!

  2. my brother had a weiner doggie named Blackjack who went through the same thing. He was a riot to see after the teeth came out because his tongue was everywhere but in his mouth. He lived a very very long life!

  3. sorry, stumbled here from amy's blog. i'm sure having a toothless dog won't be so bad.

    my best friend's mini-pincher has arthritis in his front legs, making their use incredibly painful. so now, he's a bonafied upright bipedal mini-pincher.

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