Like a Good Boy Oughta

I’ve got the Scissor Sisters song “Take Your Mama” stuck in my head hard today. It’s so boppy. I swear to God I thought it was Elton John the first time I heard it several weeks ago and I was like “Damn, Elton, ’bout time you got back to your funky roots,” but then I discovered that I am an idiot. It’s a good fun song, though – one I don’t mind having stuck. Unlike the damn Nelly/Tim McGraw collaboration that was stuck in my head for most of the weekend. I liked that one for five or ten minutes. Now I resent it.

It’s kind of chilly out today. I like that. I’m not down with the biting wind that we had for a while over the weekend, but the chilly? I can totally deal with that. That’s what fall is all about.

We just got a new phone system at work and now you have to dial a “3” to get an outside line. What’s up with that? Why not 7, 8, or 9? We used to dial # but that won’t work anymore for some reason, so now it’s 3. Totally weird. Oh, and we can’t check our voice mail or receive incoming calls from off campus, so that’s awesome since I hate the phone anyway.

Also, I just want to share that my Diet Dr. Pepper is in a bottle shaped and textured like a football, and I think that’s pretty cool. That is all.

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  1. How far do you think you could throw your bottle. Like think full, and then empty. And would you through it like a football, or like a grenade. Sorry…these are the things I think of.

  2. Cookie, I watched the video, too and I felt old for a bit too – but only because it reminded me of the very same videos I watched during the 80's (Uptown Girl came to mind and other videos from one-hit-wonders during the graveyard scene). It's that I was confronted with how L-o-n-g ago that was that I felt a little aged.
    Has anyone figured out what the guy's actually singing about. /football shaped bottles are your invitation to make passes this week.

  3. Watching the video, I've decided that having my hair cut by that lovely lady would get me to coming out, too.

    …out of my pants.

    sees nothing but the the slightest hint in the lyrics that the “voice” is gay. What happened to real coming-out tunes like, It's A Sin?

  4. I too am drinking a dr. pepper in a football bottle. Did you know it's 5% more… which is all of 1 oz? It's “Extra Point” Dr. Pepper!

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