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Okay, so I’ve now seen the infamous Jamey Singleton photo. I will not post it. I will not send it to you. So don’t even bother asking. I’m sure you’re all very smart people and if you dig just a teensy bit, you’ll be able to find it yourself. I will say, though, that it’s not clear from the picture that Jamey was “just getting out of the shower,” as he said in his interview. He is in a bathroom, but he has a shirt on and is, um, grooming the love below. Which I’m sure we’ve all done from time to time. I’m not sure whether or not he knows his picture’s being taken, and I guess it’s still plausible that the former friend busted in on him, snapped a digital shot, and went all MySpace crazy with it. Maybe he had in fact just gotten out of the shower, but had put on a shirt before finishing his business. I don’t know.

I feel for him. What are you going to say to the local news? Are you really going to tell them you got caught grooming the love below, even if there’s nothing inherently embarrassing about doing that? Or would you instead tell them “you just got out of the shower” in order to save face a bit?

Poor guy. I bet he never goes into a bathroom ever again without locking the door.

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  1. I did not find it on the web – someone with good connections emailed the full version to me. I do know it’s been on a few sites, but only briefly. Each time it pops up somewhere it’s taken down within hours.

  2. OK thanks, I’ll have to try and find someone who has it then. Any other clues that you could give me as to which direction I should look?

  3. So, Lorie, what you’re saying is, it isn’t so much that you be a little smart and do a teensy bit of digging, it’s about getting yourself someone with good connections to send the photo to your email inbox. sweet. (I’m not looking for this photo, by the way.)

    Also, I bet the scar shows up in his next pictorial.

    heh. sorry. Hell, he should do a Playgirl spread, make his dough and get a job doing weather somewhere else for the b-rated networks like Fox and the WB/UPN network. :o)

  4. this sucks, ive been trying to find the stupid picture everywhere and cant find it. I even emailed a friend who knows a friend that works at channel 10, no luck. this is becoming harder than I thought. I just want to see for myself if it was worth firing him over.

  5. I have a picture of my sister-in-law’s naked Grandpa playing pool…will that do Doug?

  6. okay i have to admit a few things:

    1. I never understood that that was what “the love below” meant. Probably should have paid attention to Outkast a bit more.

    2. I have read this post serveral times, and I can’t for the life of me understand if he was “grooming” or “masturbating” from what you said. THERE I SAID IT.

    3. Which I guess means that you are more up on slang than I am.


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