My Voice Mail Light is Blinking, But There’s No Voice Mail

Man, it’s been a busy week. I’m pretty deadly tired and I can’t wait until I can catch up on some sleep.

Monday night was supposed to be the night I had rehearsal for my hobby job, but I was pretty much the only person besides the director who showed up. So that sucked, and they really need a rehearsal this week, so I have to go back tomorrow night and do that. So since I didn’t have rehearsal after all, I drove over to our high school to see Sammi and her friends play in the powder puff football game.

Powder puff was a big deal this year. The seniors recruited like forty girls to be on their team. They had lots of practices, positions, plays, uniforms – the whole deal. The junior girls? Not so much. But they still put up a good fight, mainly because little Kimmy can run like the wind. It was also a big deal in our family, because my dad was a great football player in high school, always regretted not following through for college, and always wanted a son or two to carry on the tradition.

Instead, he got four girls.

So this was his chance to have a football player. It was supposed to be flag football, but there was way more tackling going on than flag-grabbing. The game was good, but since Sammi and her friend Holly accidentally tripped over a girl and hurt her at the end of the game, Sam says they’ll probably never have another powder puff game there. That girl will be okay, by the way. It’s not a terrible injury.

Yesterday I had to rush production on a brochure, and whipping out the copy was insane, but I did it. And then I went to volleyball, and then home.

Today I’ve had meetings, and physical therapy, where at least they went easy on me. I’ve managed to do something to make one of my shoulders flare up and it’s been in a lot of pain, and I haven’t been to PT since I was sick a couple of weeks ago because I’m scatterbrained and kept forgetting to make an appointment. But I’m back on track now.

I’m tired. I just slammed back an entire bottle of Berry Propel and now I really, really have to pee. I’ve said it before – Propel is probably called that because it propels the pee right out of you.

Oh, and my nose itches. Like, a lot.

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  1. Powder Puff football is like a swear word around here (northwest suburban Chicago) after what happened a few years ago with the rich girls and the hazing…I don't know if it made national news, but it was pretty brutal. The seniors were hitting the juniors in the face with buckets of water (hitting them with the bucket, not the water) and generally kicking their asses. So Powder Puff football still goes on, but without the hoopla. I miss it. I was awesome my senior year.

  2. oh, right! I remember hearing about that – how completely terrible. Luckily, ours was a much friendlier contest, and even though some kids got banged up a little, everyone I spoke with or overheard had a great time.

  3. In high school I really wanted a powder puff program to start up, but it never happened. All of us girls on the vball team (and even the girls from our rival school) were completely interested in doing it, but for whatever reason it fell through.

    Sounds like a ton of fun.

  4. i remember that powder puff scandal. they threw like fish guts on the younger girls or cow diarrhea or somethiing on them. it was in northbrook and i waas working a the northbrook library at the time.

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