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Well, crap. I just got all stupid and clicked on a link that made my entry go away.


So anyway. What had I said? Hmm. Oh. Mindy and I got Japanese food today and it was awesome. This Japanese place where we went has this big vat of stuff called “Yum Yum Sauce.” They charge you extra if you order carryout and want more Yum Yum Sauce than the little plastic vat they give you. Its ingredients are allegedly a big secret but it’s sort of mayonnaisey and has some pinkish-red stuff in it. Probably babies, I think.

I am leaving at 4:30 today for an Appointment (and by Appointment I mean “basketball scrimmage”) and then I am taking tomorrow off and then Thursday is Thanksgiving, woo. And then Friday I get paid, WOO! I have ambitious goals for the weekend which involve consumption of alcohol. I don’t have to be back until Monday.

Next weekend I am going to Charlotte with Mindy to visit Boss, where we shall consume more alcohol and probably buy stuff.

The weekend after that was supposed to be my business/pleasure trip to Albany/Rochester (and how I combined the two is a feat of brilliance that requires its own entry, except not really) but that has been postponed and I will be taking it right after New Year’s instead.

The weekend after THAT is when my Christmas vacation starts. Working in higher education rocks, y’all. Except when it doesn’t.

In the meantime are many holiday-type dinners and feasts and food parties and such, where I shall gain about forty pounds and blame it on a pregnancy. Also in the meantime are basketball games and my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary.

So I’ve been fairly busy today getting a bunch of mailings ready for my assistant to work on tomorrow while I’m out. It’s a job that requires a lot of waiting so in the meantime I’ve been reading archives of Tomato Nation and listening to Launchcast.

Hey, here’s what’s on my Launchcast station as of now. I know, I know, some of it is really lame (and I’m looking at your pretentious pseudo-rock asses, Counting Crows) but that’s not the point. Here’s the list:

‘Til Tuesday
Aimee Mann
Kelly Clarkson
Barenaked Ladies
Belle & Sebastian
Eric Clapton
John Coltrane
Counting Crows
The Cure
The Dandy Warhols
Miles Davis
Depeche Mode
The Doors
Duke Ellington
Ella Fitzgerald
Fleetwood Mac
G. Love & Special Sauce
Goo Goo Dolls
Jimi Hendrix
Billie Holiday
Etta James
Jack Johnson
Jason Mraz
Matchbox Twenty
Charlie Parker
Peter Gabriel
The Police
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Simple Minds
The Smiths
Steely Dan
Stone Temple Pilots
Tears For Fears
Yo La Tengo
Los Amigos Invisibles
John Mayer
Clay Aiken

Now. I love music and I’m always looking for new stuff. So use my comments to suggest some. That would be awesome.

I’ll probably be a little sporadic for the next few days, so let me wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday right now in case it’s a while before I get around to writing again.

Eat up!

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  1. i was just thinking about that over the weekend. i swear. i'm going to work on it. i promise. you'll get it soon. honest to pete.

    hey, check your email.

  2. oh crap, i love david gray! have his CD in my car; duuuuuh. good call, jen, and you have a wonderful thanksgiving too.

    better than ezra – some good stuff there as well.


  3. incubus, audioslave, taking back sunday, ween, the burden brothers….i could go on for days, and that's just the rock/alt. cat

  4. okay – I'm not even gonna bother linking:

    The Shins *new
    Metric *new
    Beta Band
    The Delgados
    The Faint
    The Black Keys *new
    The Walkmen
    The Reindeer Section
    *new Broadcast
    Robot Ate Themselves *new
    Sigur Ros
    Pedro the Lion
    Beth Orton *new
    John Mayer *new
    Jack Johnson *new
    King Tubby
    Gomez *new to you?
    Erlend Oye

    etc. – well, you asked and I didn't take time to think.

  5. It excites me to see that you have Etta James listed. I LOVE her. You know “I'd Rather Go Blind”, right? Because that is my favoritest of my favorites when it comes to her stuff. Anyway, it seems like you would like Carole King, judging from the other stuff you have listed. Anything off of Tapestry. Not that that's new or not ridiculously famous, but it's one of my top 5 CDs of all time.

  6. boy have you asked for it!!!

    ok here is just a tentative sketch from the tops my head list…oh i love introducing music that i love to people who will love it too. thank you for this task.

    first and foremost- the Doves
    -Badly Drawn Boy
    -Tripping Daisy(Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb)
    -Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club(for some serious finger lickin ass rockin)
    -Blur (an essential)
    -Mercury Rev
    -Ed Harcourt (oh he's so pretty)
    -Eisley(a local Dallas band composed of teenage sisters and brothers that is just greeeaaattt)
    -Snow Patrol
    -Sondre Leche(another pretty boy on the piano)
    -Ryan Adams (Heartbreaker, don't even bother with anything else..oh Come Pick Me Up, I think #9 is the best ever break up song of all time)
    -which brings me to my favorite alt country get-up, Whiskeytown
    -the Verve(hands down one of the best if not the best band our generation was a part of)
    -Mates of State(just fun poppy stuff, the chic in it is my girl crush she is so cute and has the cutest voice)

    I am stopping myself here just in case someone should speculate i am an obsessive complusive who has drowned herself in debt by spending too mas dinero for shows and cds.:)

    happy thanksgiving lorie bug.

  7. Mike, Cat Power I thought of but that's someone to be introduced to, not sent out to meet. That's how I feel about it. I'd hate anybody to be turned off too quickly from choosing the wrong song.

    Funny you didn't already have Doves in your list, L. – but you do have Clay Aiken…

    you might also check out old DJ Q-Bert, some Cut Chemist, Ron Swift, and our local fave – The Polyphonic Spree.

    …I wanna reaquaint myself with the inside of love.

  8. a lot of things people have listed are things i should have on there, as i own their albums – doves & ryan adams are two. but i'm getting some great suggestions. i love this.

  9. oh, and please, please, please don't forget, but instead, remember to purchase both (three?) by Beulah.

    Thank you, and good night.

  10. q-bert? ugh. as far as turntablism goes, check out the invisible scratch pickles. or just rent the movie 'scratch.'

    godspeed! you black emperor has been all up in my itunes lately.

  11. You know there are so many bands, that I'm just gonna limit myself to a few. Virginia Coalition being a current favorite, along with Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise, and Flogging Molly. Three must haves. Also, I must acknowledge your inclusions of G.Love and Special Sauce. A truly great band. I saw them at the rattiest, most horrible dive of a place in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware one summer in the early nineties. I remember at the time being really inspired to open a shitty rundown club to attract immensely talented bands. Alas the passions of youth. “My babys got sauce…”

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