Two or Three Things

First off – if you want to know where to find Pudding Pops in your area, you can go here. Choose “Popsicle” as the brand, and then find Pudding Pops on the product list (under J for JELL-O), and enter your zip code and the search radius. Boom!

And another thing – I got my new computer yesterday, finally! Even though they ghosted the stuff from my old one onto this one, it still takes me a little while to get everything set the way I like it, which is alternately fun and annoying. It’s kind of like moving into a new place.

Something else – I worked out last night. This is a much bigger deal than it may seem. See, in February I began working out almost daily and had gotten to a point where I had a consistent routine, was starting to feel results from it, and felt sluggish and unhappy if I skipped a workout. Good stuff.

The last night I had a real workout was the night of the car wreck. Since then I had tried a couple of times to get going again, but found myself unable to finish a tape, and completely unable to step on the treadmill. I’d get partway through a tape and think, “Why am I doing this? I don’t feel like it anymore.” And then I’d just stop. Eventually I gave up.

But last night, after days of failed plans, I finally did a light cardio routine (which nearly killed me) and upper-body strength training (which also nearly killed me). It’s a little discouraging to see that I lost the small energy and fitness I’d gained in February, but in a way that motivates me even more.

Ginny is at the doctor right now, having x-rays. It’s the first time she’s been out of the house since she came home from the hospital on March 25th. We are hoping that her broken hip will have healed enough to lift her sitting restrictions and maybe allow her to start bearing some weight. She has not been allowed to sit up past sixty degrees at all, because her hip, while fractured, was aligned and the doctors wanted her to be cautious not to jolt it or put pressure on it while it was healing. If it hasn’t healed or has come out of alignment, she may have to have another surgery. If it has healed properly, she may have her restrictions lifted. Of course they’ll also check the progress of her other fractures too, so keep some good healing thoughts for her this morning.

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  1. Depressing… Nearest store carrying Pudding Pops is almost 225 miles away!!! Come ON, not ONE store in North Dakota carries them??? Can't believe that… Anyway, healing thoughts for Ginny… Would be wonderful if she has made good progress!

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