Nesquik Fat-Free Chocolate Milk Addiction

I am completely addicted to this stuff. A few days ago, when I was craving chocolate milk, I went to Sheetz to get some lunch and decided to try this. And oh man, am I hooked. I am so completely addicted to Nesquik Fat-Free Chocolate Milk that someone soon is going to say, “If you love it so much, then why don’t you marry it?” and I JUST MIGHT CONSIDER IT.

I’m very picky about my chocolate beverages. I mean, I’m picky about lots of things, but we’re talking chocolate milk here so that’s what I’m picky about at the moment.

Regular actual premade chocolate milk in a bottle is too thick, and tends to be too sweet. I’m used to 1% milk and any more milkfat than that makes me feel all junky.

This Nesquik ready to drink milk comes in lots of different flavors, but the ones most commonly found around here are: vanilla, banana, strawberry, double chocolate, regular chocolate, and fat-free chocolate.

Vanilla, banana, and strawberry are immediately disqualified because they are not chocolate, and that’s kind of the point. I haven’t tried the double chocolate, because the regular chocolate was too thick and had a weird texture, and I can’t imagine double chocolate would improve on that.

The fat-free chocolate is perfect. So perfect, in fact, that I have had one almost every single day since then. I am justifying this by telling myself that despite the sugar, I’m getting two servings of dairy and almost no caffeine, and anyway the sugar is still less than a regular soda. Not that I drink regular soda very often anyway but WHATEVER I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK. Don’t anyone go leaving me comments about how I should be drinking organic chocolate pine nut juice instead or something.

But the problem is that you can’t find the fat-free chocolate just anywhere. And I think it must be a favorite for some other people, too, because a few times when I’ve stopped to get some it has been sold out. And then I get all grouchy.

One day when I stopped to get the daily bottle they were sold out and I decided to try the “chocolate milk shake” flavor. NO GOOD. It tasted like melted ice cream, and that might do it for some people, but it does not do it for me.

On Wednesday I didn’t get any. I was going to stop on the way home to get some, but when I passed the first store it was raining pretty hard, and when I passed the second store it was raining REALLY hard, and the last store didn’t have it. So I whined for most of the night about it and no one in my family would go and get some and I couldn’t possibly go into town and get myself some because I am just way too lazy and whining is way easier.

So yesterday on the way in I stopped to get gas and they had two bottles of it left, so I bought both of them. And the idea was that I’d have one in the morning (as my breakfast, since I’d missed it) and one in the afternoon as a pick-me-up for my daily afternoon slump.

But then I drank both of them before 11 in the morning. I’m so bad.

I haven’t had any since then and I am craving again. I’m going to have the strongest bones in the universe at this rate.

12 Replies to “Nesquik Fat-Free Chocolate Milk Addiction”

  1. I'm telling you. Chocolate milk is all I consume before 5 pm on 5 out of 7 days. Seriously, I would die if there was ever a shortage. Double Chocolate Yoohoo will do in a pinch. And if you're doing like “dessert milk,” try Hersheys York Peppermint Patty milk. OH EM GEE is it fantastic, but it is a meal.

  2. You should be drinking organic chocolate pine nut juice instead. Also, I think Nesquick should hire you to do their advertising.

  3. I like YooHoo myself, but if that's out, I always grab a Nesquick. Remember when it was Nestle's Quick? Am I dating myself here?

  4. Dammit! I was gonna be the one to say ” you should be drinking organic chocolate pine nut juice instead or something.” Damn Damn Damn.

  5. I believe the FDA should make Nesquick, all flavors except banana, its own food group. I mean this stuff is soooooooo delicious I cannot go one day without it. I am so lucky my drink machine at work carries it or I would go CRAZY. I am completely and 100% addicted to this stuff. Gotta go now, have to get to the drink machine.

  6. wow. 100% I AGREE. i just got it today cuz it all the newquik stuff was on sale 10 for 10 in Ralphs. and i was feeling skinny so i decided to try the fat free chocolate mild. and THANK THE HEAVENS for that choice. cuz oh yes mam it was yummilicious!! too bad i only grabbed one. i should have goten 10. damn. i will go back and get it. yes i will.

  7. Ohh. I love to put this stuff in the frezer at night before bed, and then drink it as a milkshake in the morning. wonder what it’s made of because it does not freeze? It tastes sooooo great!!

  8. Hi,
    my name is elvin and i am growing a calcium(horn-like) deposite coming out of my skull because of so much chocolate milk i have been drinking since the womb. 3 spoons and 1/5 will do for a tall boy glass cup

    no self control=shugging milk like puff daddy spill crystal…


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