Hot Diggety Dog

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I had a hot dog for breakfast today because my milk looked weird and I was afraid to pour any on my cereal. I smelled it and it smelled okay but I’m so out of it in the morning that I don’t trust my nose. Besides, it just looked shady. I can’t explain it. If I put bad milk on my cereal and took a bite and it was gross, it would ruin my whole day. So instead I had a hot dog.

Then I had a hot dog for lunch.

This is where my mother would say that I’m going to turn into a hot dog. I hope that’s not true.

I am NOT having a hot dog for dinner, but I think after I go vote tonight that I should go to the grocery store and buy new milk and throw out the potentially bad milk. And I might get new cereal because I have Raisin Bran Crunch at home and it is way too sweet. I have a notorious sweet tooth. I could eat a whole box of Fruity Pebbles in one sitting. So you know that if I think a cereal is too sweet then it is probably insanely sweet.

Maybe I will get regular raisin bran. I like it and it seems like it is good for me, and I’m sure one of you will write a comment and tell me that raisin bran is worse than drinking a 2-liter bottle of regular Coke after stirring in a full extra cup of sugar, but I don’t care. I like raisin bran and I can convince myself it is good for me. It has roughage! And fruit!

I think I might need ice cream too. And maybe fudge stripe cookies but only if they are on sale because the full price ones are too expensive. If I have some semblance of self-control, I will probably choose one or the other. But don’t count on it.

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  1. apples and peanut butter
    granola with nuts and raisins in milk
    plain yogurt and plain (unpowdered) raisin brand* or blueberries
    dried fruit
    strawberries and cream

    *(sweetened with honey insead and has plump raisins vs. the dried turds the commercial brand gives you)

    Just thinkin’, you know, if you’re going to store anyway.

  2. One day at work when I was pregnant with my daughter, I bought a pint of whole milk and a wheat bagle for lunch. I sat down at the breakroom table, shook the milk and took a big whopping swig of it. Unfortunately I ended up with a ginormous mouthful of chunky sour milk and promptly threw up in the trash can. Right there. In the breakroom. In front of about ten or twelve people. On the brightside there was no snickering and nobody went “eeeewwww”, not out loud anyway. I actually gained a lot of sympathy for drinking yuckky milk because I was pregnant. As though not being pregnant would have made it better…or worse, depending on how you look at it. And before you ask, yes I had checked the expiration date before I bought the milk, and no it wasn’t even close to being expired. So I’m in agreement with you Lorie, if it even remotely looked farky, it should have gone down the drain!

  3. first… “farky” = awesomest new word ever…

    And also, I had hot dogs today too, with onion rings… and yesterday I had a Dave’s Taverna Steak and cheese on a roll with onion rings, and we are so going back for another when you finally come to visit me… SO GOOOD! But since you’re anti-onion, you can get the fries, they’re just a good.

  4. You should also pick up some Morningstar Farms veggie hot dogs or veggie corn dogs. They taste just like the real thing, only they are better for you.

    Also, I bought some milk at the store the other day and cooling mechanism in the case wasn’t working, so the milk was kind of luke warm. The fact that it tastes okay kind of weirds me out.

  5. no! Definitely not. I fear the cheese injection.

    They were just regular old Armour all-beef franks, which I guess in the hot dog hierarchy are ranked a bit higher than the ones made out of chicken and pig parts. But only marginally higher.

    Y’know, I got the Morningstar Farms corn dogs one time on the basis of many glowing recommendations, but they all tasted like burnt plastic. That was weird. I am a huge fan of their spicy black bean burgers, though. Yum.

  6. I think you should have a t-shirt made that has the words “I fear the cheese injection” emblazoned across it.

    You know. For parties.


    And also… you should go check out my new haircut pictures on Flickr….

  8. Anthony had an interesting post up at the top, kudos. We like raisin bran, and you are right, it has lots of fiber.

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