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The thing about Lorie Day, as it turns out, is that it didn’t seem too appealing to plan a day of doing stuff that I’d be doing by myself, without my sisters. So I made Lorie Day a group venture.

Sammi and Jamie and I first went to CiCi’s, where we stuffed ourselves with supergood pizza, and then to the Record Exchange. Sam got the Gin Blossoms’ album New Miserable Experience (and boy, listening to that in the car was a serious flashback) and something else I can’t remember, and I got A Grand Don’t Come for Free by The Streets and the Bright Eyes album that has a really long title that I’m too lazy to type out. Jury’s still out on both.

Then we went to Barnes and Noble where I got Middlesex, finally, and walked around for twenty minutes holding a David Sedaris collection before deciding that I didn’t want to spend that much money all at once. Sam got some book about emo kids and we got Jamie a novel that she read in about ten minutes once we were home.

After that we met Dad and Ginny at MaggieMoo’s, which is an ice cream place that recently opened in town and holy GOD is it good. I love the better batter. LOVE IT.

Crap, this is turning into one of those “we did this, and then we did this, and then we did THIS” entries.

That’s all we did on Lorie Day. And it was fun and good and great. This weekend I also went to Target a couple of times, and Ginny and I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 on Sunday. Honestly, I don’t think I have much to say about this that hasn’t already been said. Some of it moved me. Some of it was stuff I already knew. Some of it made me think, “bullshit, Mike.”

I have issues with Michael Moore. He covers some really important stuff, and he makes people listen, and he often presents things in a way others won’t, and this is all good. He also is really into a lot of conspiracy theories, some of which I’m not buying, and he really likes himself in front of the camera, which is when I want to tell him to go fuck off. I like Moore most when he lets his footage do the work.

On Monday all of my sisters and I went to Spider-Man 2, which kicked ass. I have a Spider-Man love affair. I dressed up as Spider-Man for my first Halloween or two, and I always thought he was super-cool, and I’ve also dated a couple of comic book boys, so the Spider-Man stuff is right up my alley. And I love these movies.

This is the first time in years that we haven’t done something for the 4th. Usually we go to an outdoor concert followed by fireworks, but we were concerned that Ginny wouldn’t be able to make it through such a long show and so we didn’t go this year. She and I saw fireworks all over town on our way home from the movies, and it was cool, but it wasn’t quite the same. It was a very quiet weekend.

That’s probably good. We’ve had enough loud weekends to last us for a long time.

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  1. Ah! I dressed up as Spider-Man like at least five times before I turned 10. Most of those times were for Halloween. I saw Spidey II Thursday night in the Chi. It was the bestest.

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