the recap, sort of

Whew. I am back home after a whirlwind beach weekend. Here’s a recap.

Left work around 4:00, which was an hour later than planned but Ginny had been stuck on an errand and didn’t get to my office ’till then. We moved all her stuff into my car and hit the road. Got to the hotel around 8:30 or so, changed clothes, ran across the street to the beach (which was actually the Chesapeake Bay, but still). Stuck our feet in, wrote in the sand with our toes, splashed and in general had a fun time. Our hotel was mere blocks from a bad part of town. We drove right into that bad part of town at 10 pm and headed to McDonald’s for some food. The creepy dudes at the bus stop whistled and yelled stuff at us as we walked in and out of the place. Back to the hotel. Watched some TV. Spent the first of three restless nights with too many people (some of them loud snorers) crammed into a room with piss-poor A/C. I’m not a light sleeper by any stretch of the imagination, but the combination of elements made for lots of waking up and pacing around.

Drove around a lot. Went to the naval base and dropped Mom, Dad, and Ginny off for the base tour. Took Sam and Jay back to the hotel. In the afternoon we changed and went to the beach across the street, where we had fun and got burned. Someone recommended Joe’s Crab Shack to us, so we ate there. Good times were had by all. Back to the hotel for another night of restless sort-of-sleep.

We spent the morning in the hotel pool and in the afternoon drove down to the resort area of VABEACH. Got tossed around in the big waves. Became progressively more sunburned. Listened to some yuppie wives try to outdo one another with tales of frailty and backstab their children’s friend (as the friend was still walking away, even). Waited in line forever for the beach shower. Got Slurpees. Drove back. Crashed in the room, fast food dinner, repeat of restless night.

Got up early and took Sam and Jay to Busch Gardens (their third time in a week, my first). Roped them into riding the tamest roller coaster in the park. Promised never to make them ride a roller coaster again. Rode a few more rides, ate some overpriced food, sweated like pigs, got way tired, decided to hit the road.

And hours later we were home.

Wow, for as tired as I am today, it seems like I didn’t do jack. Anyway.

Okay, and this is weird – I thought I posted this and then I went downstairs to work on something. That was like a half-hour ago. I’m back. It’s still here. My brain doesn’t work.

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