watch out for hypnotists with acne

From my alma mater’s web site:

Security Alert

July 23, 2003

Community Crime Alert

On July 22 at approximately 9:45 p.m. an incident occurred on the third floor of the University Library. A female student was conducting research in the library when a man approached her and asked for help with a research project. The victim was led to a secluded room. The offender informed the victim that he was going to hypnotize her and then did so. He then spoke to and touched the victim in an inappropriate manner. The victim was able to leave the room at that point.

The offender who fled the area was described as a white male, approximately five feet, six inches tall, medium build, dark hair, with bad acne and approximately 20-25 years old. Anyone with information about this offender or with information about a similar experience is asked to contact University Police. The emergency number is 911 and the non-emergency number is xxx-xxxx.

Is it bad that I find this to be completely bizarre, and just a little bit funny? The write-up, I mean. I’m sure the incident was quite scary.

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  1. It's nice the they included the fact that he touched her in an inappropriate manner. …I mean, was she Not hypnotized then? (where does that word come from?!) That is, was she not and maybe was just too shocked and scared to Do anything? Or … was she hypnotized and the guy forget to mention, “…and you won't be aware of Anything Happening to or around you.” -which, really, is part of what hypntism should be all about.

    Makes me wonder.

    Silly kids.

  2. i can't understand hypnosis. How does that happen? People say it's real, but i just can't believe it.

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