The Smartest Girl In The World

I’m on vacation this week and it’s like the hottest week in the history of the universe, so I decided we should all beat the heat by a) spending a day at King’s Dominion and b) going to an outdoor concert.

As I said in the title up there, I am the smartest girl in the world.

Actually, King’s Dominion was not so bad. We were walking around, and that seemed to help, and there was a breeze and lots of shady spots where we could rest. And we spent most of the afternoon in the water park. I was not a fan of the wave pool – it was full of dirty strangers and was warm in a way that reminded me of pee – but we spent almost two hours in this thing called the splash house or something like that, and that kicked ass.

The concert? Argh.

It was at the Charlottesville Pavilion, which I’m sure is a terribly awesome place under normal circumstances, but it was tough to enjoy anything yesterday. We were tired from King’s Dominion on Tuesday so between that and the 100 degree heat, we opted not to go in the pit with the dirty strangers. Instead we sat in the seats.

It was SO HOT, y’all. It was the kind of hot where you take naps in the middle of the day because it’s too damn hot to do anything else. It was the kind of hot where you sit there and you don’t want to move and you feel the sweat trickling down the middle of your back and down the backs of your legs and just UGH, yuck, it was disgusting.

Anyway. We saw Rogue Wave, Ray LaMontagne, and Guster. This is now the second time I’ve seen Rogue Wave, which means that I have now seen Rogue Wave in concert more times than any other band I’ve ever seen in concert. And I kind of don’t care about Rogue Wave. It’s just a coincidence. So anyway, yeah, Rogue Wave opened and they were fine and good and whatever, I don’t care.

Ray LaMontagne KICKED ASS. Seriously. He is so, so, so fantastic live. That man can sing his ass off. It’s kind of a letdown to listen to his CD after you’ve heard him live. I highly recommend seeing him in concert if you ever have the opportunity.

Guster was, of course, also awesome. We just sat down the whole time and did seat dancing, because standing up? Was so not happening.

So yeah, I’ve driven eleven hours in two days and I must be old, because I’m wiped out. And in college I used to routinely drive 16 hours in one day. But yeah, eleven in two and I’m ready to fall down and die.

Yay for vacation.

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  1. i played a show at northwestern with guster.

    to this day they remain my least favorite band we played with, because the fucking I’M A MULTIINTRUMENTALIST dickface took three hours or some bullshit to soundcheck, and so our eight-piece band (that, yknow, is also hard to mix) didn’t get to check at all.

    the crowd was with us more than them, though, so fuck guster.

  2. We’re getting ready for Austin City Limits in September. I went two years ago and swore I’d never go again, because it was so damned hot and there isn’t any shade and when I get that hot I want to kill people. Why can’t they have these outdoor concerts and music festivals during late fall?

  3. My festival days are over. I’ve been telling everyone lately, because I want the fact that my festival days are over to be well-known. That way, the next time I’m tempted to buy festival tickets, surely someone will remind me that my festival days are over. And I won’t buy the tickets. And I’ll end up doing something fun instead.

  4. Oooh, I remember King’s Dominion! Is there also still a Water Country USA over there?

    Speaking of outdoor festivals, Scott and I have opted not to go to ACL this year. I think Matisyahu is on the same time as Gnarls Barkley and I can’t have that. And the Ween set is only one hour and I can’t have that either.

  5. Good fun…now it’s time to return to life and that always sucks.

    I’m glad that you had a good time and that you didn’t suffer from heat exhuastion or heat stress!

  6. you must loave rogue wave. please.

    also, i was so beat up after three days of lolla, but then the day after, i walked off the el to see the posters for ACL, and i thought…how can i pull this off? how can i get the money for the ticket? for the plane ticket? how? how?

    music is god to me.

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