Skyrockets in Flight

I think “Afternoon Delight” must be the most insidious earworm in the history of modern American music, because ever since we watched Anchorman on DVD a few days ago, everyone in my family has had this song on repeat in our brains. Every now and then someone will wail out a line of it and then, sometimes, someone else will pick it up and run with it. More often, though, in the last day or so when someone busts out a line, all the rest of us are like, “Oh my God can you PLEASE STOP SINGING THAT SONG?!” and then the offender is all, “Sorry, it just slipped out!” and then we’re like, “Well, knock it off!” and then people are clutching heads and involuntarily humming the tune and stuff.

It’s constant. It wakes me from sleep. It pervades the other songs I’m listening to on the radio until the only thing I’m listening to is the sound of “Afternoon Delight” in my own head. It’s running through my head even as I type this.

Last night Jamie went on the internet and looked up the lyrics and printed them out, and then folded them up like a note and passed it to Sammi in the living room. She opened it and read it and cracked up laughing, and then started singing the damn song again. So Dad’s like ENOUGH ALREADY and we’re laughing and yelling and singing and it seriously just won’t go away.

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  1. ahahahahaha!!!

    i saw robbie fulks play that once. he started as a joke and the audience egged him on, so he did it.

    at nevin’s live, no less.

    i used to constantly walk around going, as obnoxiously as possible:

    “Sky rockets in flight! AFTERNOON DELIGHT!”

  2. everything’s a little clearer in the light of day. and you know the night is gonna be there anyway.

  3. Oh, man. This is exactly what happened at our house after seeing “Anchorman,” in the theatre and then again months later when I bought it on DVD! And now AGAIN! Thanks a lot. “I’m gonna find my woman gonna hold her tight…” ARGH. Also, please tell me that you watched the video with them in it at the end of the DVD? Ha.

  4. Can I just say that I’ve got No Idea of what song you’re going on about?
    Rappers Delight I know and can rap along with – this Afternoon Delight though… I dunno. Alls I got is that shirt.

  5. Yeah mate, I saw Anchor Man in the weekend and the rugby boys won’t stop singing it. Was wondering if you know of a sight where I can download the lyrics and who sings it anyway???

  6. haha that songs awesome, its also in that adam sandler movie where he gets that big inheritance, mr deeds, thats the one… it sounds sick lol i love it : )

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