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Woo, so I had an awesome weekend, which included a crazy-go-nuts money-spending spree, but surprisingly, did not include alcohol, drugs, or hookers. I’ll tell you all about it, right now in fact! Aren’t you excited?


After an entirely stupid day at work, I was especially happy Friday night, for a couple of reasons. First, my rockin’ sister scored her first-ever basket as a varsity player. Woo! The other team seriously beat the living poop out of us, and Sam scored with like a minute left in the game. The people from the other team probably thought we were nuts because everyone was cheering for Sam like she’d just sunk a three-pointer from half court to win, when it was really just a layup (albeit a very pretty one) that made no difference in the outcome. And she got her name in the paper. Woo!

Second, a few weekends ago one of the JV players was seriously injured in a sledding accident. She was airlifted to UVA and word at the time was that she might not walk again. On Friday, not only was she out of the hospital and at the game, but she was also doing a little bit of walking, with help. It was absolutely wonderful to see.


My makeup dreams came true as I headed to the Lancome counter for a makeover. Actually, I ended up visiting two Lancome counters, as the makeup artist at the first store was unhelpful nearly to the point of rudeness. The fabulous April at the second store steered me away from the pink blush I coveted, but I ended up buying another nice warm blush and a Juicy Tube (in Beach Plum, for you fellow product whores) on presale so that I can get the free gift when I pick it up tomorrow. I also bought like four other lip glosses at various stores during the day, including my new absolute favorite, L’Oreal Colour Juice in Watermelon Crush, which is quite possibly the most perfect pink EVER.

I lusted after a pink trench coat at Old Navy, but didn’t get it. I may very well go back for the hookup, though, as it’s only $30.

Later on we caught a sneak preview of Miracle, which is the story of the 1980 gold-medal-winning US hockey team. Now, I should preface this by saying that I grew up on hockey, and so a hockey movie has to be pretty damn bad for me not to like it, but I absolutely loved this movie. It’s a wonderful story all on its own, and I think they did a great job adapting it for film. I’m very curious to see how the reviewers weigh in on it when it opens this week. Undoubtedly some will call it sappy, I’m sure, but again – it’s based on something true, something that surprised the hell out of everyone when it happened. I was impressed with Kurt Russell’s performance as Herb Brooks, and incredibly impressed by the camerawork on the ice.


I got a new cell phone! Woo! I should probably give credit at least in part to the awesome Kristin of madpony, whose post about her phone drama reminded me yet again that I’m in the market for a new one. I went to a bajillion places this weekend, or maybe 3, until I found one that didn’t want to make me put down a ginormous deposit (hi, James Earl Jones! you rock!) and then I got my sweet new little silver phone and new phone number and the rest, as they say, is history. Oh, and I immediately downloaded the “Bevery Hills, 90210” theme song as my ring tone because I am exactly that big of a dork.

I feel kind of guilty tossing aside the big ol’ Zack Morris phone, though. It’s served me well for three years now, but it’s totally in its death throes and besides, I want a phone that will fit in my pocket. Now I have one.

Oh yeah, if you need the new number and I haven’t given it to you yet, drop me an email. I probably just forgot.

The Superbowl was awesome, even if Carolina didn’t win, and maybe if they’d avoided drawing a million penalties it might have turned out differently. But I’m still okay with the outcome. It was a great game, and plenty of other people are going to write more eloquently about it and the commercials and controversies today, so I’ll leave it at that.

Finally, the wedding avalanche continues! My dear, dear friends Sarah and Jason, my favorite two peas in a pod, the almost nauseatingly perfect couple who helped me survive college and let me crash on their couch when I visited Chicago, have finally gotten engaged. Yay! He proposed outside Wrigley this weekend. I’m absolutely ecstatic for both of them.

This makes three weddings that I’ll be attending in the next eighteen months, and I feel sure that more are coming. I’m at that age.

I hope my week is half as nice as my weekend has been, and I wish the same for all of you.

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  1. I had never heard the term “Zack Morris Phone” before this weekend, and you're the third person to say it. I like to call them “stone tablets.” My sister had a 15-year-old phone when she finally got rid of it last year, and I used to tell her to bust out the chisel.

  2. i said it on your comments, and i'll say it here too – congratulations! what wonderful news. :)

  3. Thank you, thank you! I can't really believe it myself. I just never thought marriage was my style, but my boy is, so there you have it. ;) Thanks, really.

  4. That is the awesomest ring tone ever. I would probably have it too if I hadn't been so lazy since August when I got my new phone to actually figure out how to download them.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the Lancome juicy tube– I was going to repurchase my Chanel Glossimer since I have been scraping at the bottom of it for months now, but maybe I will switch it up.

    Go back and get the jacket– you can't be $30!!

  5. that comment about the $30 pink trench at old navy almost made me stand up, like… RIGHT NOW.

    i got a new phone recently too. i downloaded a shitload of ringers, but the running favorites are rubber ban man by TI and bad intentions by dr. dre. now all i gotta do is train myself not to sit in class and play tetris :-x

    OMG @ all those weddings you have to attend. i think that would start to give me the itchies. i hope for you these ladies haven't all registered at tiffany's lol.

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