The TiVolution Will Probably Be Televised

Some TV shows I will insist TiVo recorded all on its own without any help from me whatsoever:

  • Supernanny
  • Tiara Girls
  • The Flavor of Love reunion show
  • The Britney Spears interview on Dateline
  • Fear Factor (reality stars edition)
  • Big Brother

7 Replies to “The TiVolution Will Probably Be Televised”

  1. Britney Spears looked like sh*t. Her posture, her outfit, her gum-smacking, her obvious display of poor education, her make-up… ugh. I fell on the channel for 3 minutes before watching a movie; I saw enough.

  2. The thing about that interview that I found interesting is the juxtaposition of “young” Britney (because she’s not old, guys, she’s only, like, 25, despite the fact that she looks about 43) and … Titsy McTrashyheels. Where exactly did she pick up that Southern accent? I mean, I know she’s from Louisiana, and she’s always had the occasional twang, but when she told Matt Lauer “Ah mayke muh owne tay!” I had to have someone translate it into English for me: “I make my own tea.” I would hazard a guess that she hasn’t spent a whole buttload of time in LA since 1999, so what gives? And Matt Lauer is a total fluff interviewer. Follow-up, Matt! Follow-up! “How is it a cheap shot to say that you’re a bad mother because you constantly put your child in danger?” Jeeeeezus.
    Uh, not that I watched it or anything.

  3. Why am I the only one in this family that can imbrace my love of cheesy TV and not be ashamed… YOU ARE NOT TOO COOL FOR CHEESY TV!!! Me and Mom watched the Britney interview too… and keep screaming… “spit out the gum!!”

  4. I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about Big Brother: All Stars. I will readily admit to setting our TiFaux to record it because hell, I don’t have time to devote three hours of my life each week to those people! (But I totally do. Esp. if Evil Dr Will is back, which he damn well better be.)

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