My Nintendo Is Broken

So yesterday I was reminded of the hard fact that not everyone is always going to like you, or respect you, or think you’re good at whatever it is you’re doing (in this case, choreography). And I took it in stride at the time but of course, being the way I am, I began to dwell on it on the way home until I was bummed out, and then I thought, “Well hey, my Nintendo got here so at least I can play Nintendo before I go to bed and that’ll cheer me up.”

I got home and decompressed to everyone, and then Sammi and Jamie and I set about hooking up the new old-school Nintendo. Approximate time of commencement was 11:30PM.

We had carefully considered where to place the new machine. I’m slightly ashamed to say that we have a ridiculous number of televisions in our home, and so the options were practically endless. Finally, we decided to plug in the random unused TV that was sitting in the rarely used front room and make it a Nintendo-only TV. So we whipped out the Swiffer duster and cleaned up and moved stuff and connected wires and plugs. The girls talked about dragging out their bean bag chairs and for the time being, we decided to sit on the floor to play instead.

The moment of truth had arrived. We put the game in. Pressed it down. Closed the lid. Pressed “power.”

Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink.


It didn’t work. We tried everything we could think of to make it work, but still it blinked away stubbornly.

I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. My seller had nearly 200 feedback points with not a single negative, and claimed the system “worked great,” which is clearly not the case. He was prompt and communicative and left me good feedback and I don’t want to slam him, but I paid nearly $50 for a game system that doesn’t work and mailing it back is going to be a gigantic pain in the ass and I can fix it with a new pin connector but now I have to buy that, and have it shipped, and so on.

I was thinking I’d send a nice email explaining the situation and see what the guy suggests.

So anyway, between the people-not-liking-me and Nintendo-not-liking-me situations, I’m having a bit of a low self-esteem day today. I’m due for a trim anyway so I’m going to my salon at lunchtime, and then I’m going to go get some new jeans or something for this night out thing I have tomorrow. I’m hoping this will help with my self-esteem issues. Because, you know, spending money is always a great way to deal with emotional problems.

And that’s what’s up.

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  1. you can't honestly tell me that you've never had a nintendo do that to you.

    if not, creative pushing-the-cartridge around is in order. try pushing the far left side of the thing in, then powering up. if not, turn off, try the right. put alcohol on a cotton swab and wipe off the metal end of the cartridge with the alcohol (i think you can do this without wrecking iit). all else fails, send it back and buy mine instead. i need the money.

  2. dude. I know what to do about a blinking Nintendo. This is not the point. If I wanted a blinky Nintendo I'd go dig our shitty one out of the shed. The blinking occurs when the 72-pin connector gets dirty or begins to get worn down, and eventually you have to replace it. I paid money for a Nintendo that was NOT supposed to blink, and it does, and I'm pissed about it.

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAA! – but lorie, just jump around with a feather in your ear and it'll work just fine.
    ohohoh! wait, but did you trying blowing it?! dude, like,seriously, you gotta just block up most of the cartridge opening and purse your lips together really tight and then blow short, high-pressure breaths right into the cartridge (or unit itself) and that'll usually take care of it.

    oh, and I caught you a delicious bass.

  4. then again, you could always just look at <a href=”

  5. sorry jim. I realize the direction of the laughter was not clearly pointed. I was laughing at the broken system (black humor) and memories about futzing with cartridges and what not. I remember wrestling with friends because we all thought we knew how to fix a problem with a game (mine was with Blowing technique, which I felt was infallible) and how we were all such nerds about it.
    and that, if you take my explanations and apply them down the line with my comment was where I was in my mind when I wrote it.
    1. Funny situation, thread.

    2. Memory about my own technique
    we're nerds, all of us.
    oh, and lorie's terse reply, complete with mention of the “72-pin connector” was funny too – cause, that was total tech talk when we were young. Now, it's like the phrase, “elbow pipe”)
    Anyway, it wasn't so clear and seemed like picking – thanks for calling me on it. Sometimes I seem kinda mean. Sometimes I am and other times I'm just not as funny as I think I am.

  6. wow.. could we all grow up maybe? And lorie… I still love you even with a broke ass Nintendo, you probably wouldn't have let me played anyway.. :)

  7. ginny–happy birthday! the comments weren't a big deal–sarcasm doesn't always come across online. and i may be older than your sis, but i REFUSE to grow up. :-P

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