But I’m Most Excited About Vinnie Delpino

Ginny has a slack job, and sends me emails like this all day:

Subject: OMG!

Oh. My. God. I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That link, in case you’re lazy, takes you to Amazon’s page for season one of the hit television show Doogie Howser, M.D., set to be released on March 22nd. Check out how young Neil Patrick Harris looks in the photo, and also, check out how dorky my sister is.

(Not like I won’t totally watch it too, of course.)

12 Replies to “But I’m Most Excited About Vinnie Delpino”

  1. It’s not that I have a slack job. It’s spring break and NO ONE IS HERE. Yet I have to work.

  2. I wasn’t too terribly excited until I saw the “Customers who bought this also bought… 21 JUMP STREET?” Aw, yeaaaaaah.

  3. I’ll be Netflixing that the minute it comes in for sure. I had such a crush on him when I was ten, or twelve, or however old I was then.

  4. Speaking of TV, you’ve gotta watch the Contender on NBC. It’s like American Idol with a pulse and squat noses.

  5. I have a list of shows that I allow myself to watch. Of course, since I’m in charge of the list, I sometimes change it at will.

  6. I do the same with drugs. I quit several years ago but, you know, I ain’t stopped yet.

    /again, I’m joking.

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