Food, Booze, Birthday

My grandparents and their adopted daughter/friend (let’s call her Deb, as that’s her name) arrived last night. Whenever they come to visit they bring TONS of stuff with them. They bring their clothes and toiletries in small bags and load the rest of the car up with food. And booze. Seriously, they bring like giant hams and jars of mayonnaise and Miracle Whip and fifty-pound bags of red potatoes (much cheaper in Iowa than here) and boxes of chips and loaves of bread and sides of beef and all kinds of crazy shit. They grew up on farms during the Depression and so they have that mindset that every place they inhabit should be full of food, at all times. And toilet paper. They never run out of toilet paper. This is all cool with me.

My grandparents are awesome because they own a bar and they usually bring a whole box of liquor with them when they come. That’s cool.

So my house is very, very full. I came in to work today for a half-day because I felt guilty about being out two days in a row, and also because though I’d rather sleep through this sinus stuff, it’s totally not happening in the chaos that is home right now, so I figure I’ll work and get stuff done and get good and tired so I can conk out in Sam’s bed tonight.

It’s really hard to adjust to a twin bed when you’re used to a queen. I’m used to sprawling diagonally across the whole damn thing and now if I do that I will literally fall off. I woke up about twenty times last night in the process of almost-falling. It’s also weird that, because of some quirk in our HVAC tube things, my room is always freezing-ass cold and Sam’s is stuffy and hot. And her room is directly across the hall from mine. But she’s on the hot side of the house and I’m on the cool side. It’s all about adapting, people. I can do it but it takes time.

So yeah, today’s my dad’s 50th birthday and I have been looking ALL OVER TOWN (Roanoke and Lynchburg, actually. Two towns.) for a certain gift for him that I cannot find. Today I’m going to the very last place and if it isn’t there, I’m proceeding to plan B. And tonight we have plans but I can’t tell you what they are in case Dad reads today. Sometimes he does. If you’re reading, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!

Hey, I have 6 gmail invitations to give away. Let me know if you want one.

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  1. Lorie, I've been reading your diary for awhile (have to admit, the love for pudding pops got me hooked!), but I only comment from time to time. I completely understand if you don't want to extend me a gmail invite, but I've heard so much about it, and I'm just ridiculously intrigued. So, let me know if you're willing to help me out!

  2. giant hams, sinus infection, a birthday to celebrate, and a box of a liquor to go along with it…:)can't wait to read the outcome in tomorrows entry.

  3. this g-mail thing, completely out of hand.

    Okay okay, so I've got an account but, really, it's email. With special features. That few are likely to use anyway.
    I saw, give them away as fast as possible.
    ….or, as I've mentioned somewhere before, just <a href=”

  4. sorry – just had to link this, 'cause it's great.

    <a href=”

  5. Hey Lorie — if you haven't already given away the gmail invites, I would really like to try it out. Thanks,
    p.s. If you have one to offer, send the info to my personal (crappy) hotmail account

    Thanks. You are awesome (even if you don't have one left to give, you're still awesome!).

    And I'm going to keep bugging you, even though it's unrelated…did you read Middlesex yet? I'm telling you, you will be in love with it, as Candace and I both are.

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