The Accessory

Jonathan thinks it’s hilarious when I plop down in his chair and announce, “I need help.” This happens about every other time I get my hair cut, and it’s my own fault, because I wait so long between cuts that by the time I go in I’m completely sick of every strand of hair on my head. Of course, yesterday was no different.

I told him I was disgusted with my hair and that I was thinking about chopping it all off and I was thinking about more layers and I was thinking about fewer layers and I was thinking about swoopy bangs but I didn’t want to be stuck with a whole head of swoopy bangs especially if they didn’t work out and so on and so forth until he stopped me. He thought the swoopy bangs could work but we wanted to keep them versatile.

We ended up compromising with what Jonathan dubbed The Accessory.

The Accessory is a section of one of my front layers that’s about an inch wide and is now cut on an angle, shorter than the rest of my hair, and blended in with its original layer. It can be sort of like bangs or I can blend it completely. As with nearly everything Jonathan’s ever done to my hair, it’s awesome. I also have a few more layers and my hair is currently deliciously flippy.

Sadly, I do not yet have pictures. I’ll get one taken soon.

I heard some disturbing news while I was getting my hair done yesterday. It seems that the mullet is making a comeback. At least, this was the chatter amongst the stylists at my salon yesterday. Maybe everyone else in the world already knows that the mullet is making a comeback and I’m the last to know. Maybe the stylists at my salon are on crack. But they swear the mullet is making a comeback, and although I’m horrified, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Jonathan and I agreed that it’s going to start out as an ironic hipster thing, if it hasn’t already, and next thing you know everyone will have one. Kind of like the molestor mustaches that have been cropping up everywhere.

I am so not down with this.

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  1. I’d also like to add, that I don’t think that the mullet ever “went out of style” in some parts of the country. Namely, Dallas, Texas. Make that, Texas.

  2. I wish I had a Jonathan…! I need someone that will just do my hair without me having to actually tell them what to do because I am always too nervous to make a real change. =(

  3. My roommate had one for about 8 months, she just got rid of it. It is definitely a scenester thing in San Diego.

  4. people seem to have been JOKING about the mullet for a couple of years now–tshirts that say like MULLET POWER or some shit. but i didnt know it was ACTUALLY coming back.


    also, i find girls with mullets hella disturbing. really.

  5. That’s so weird, because my sister’s gay brother-in-law, Jim, my dream man, was telling me all about how he was in Milan 2 years ago and it was, like, MULLET CITY. And I was like, Jim, man of my dreams, I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU. Now that someone has confirmed it, it seems I owe Jim an apology.

  6. Never had a mullet. The flip side to this was the next style that was long in the front and short in the back.

    I did have a moustache for 4 months last year; we all have different accessory tendencies, and this is just one of the few guys have at their avail.

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