What? Huh? My ears are plugged.

My sinuses can see me in hell.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I could just have them removed and solve all my problems, like how they used to routinely remove tonsils from kids who had frequent bouts of tonsillitis. Do they even do that anymore? You don’t hear about it so much; maybe it was one of those surgery trends of the 80s, along with putting tubes in kids’ ears to combat ear infections.

So yeah. I want to have my sinuses taken out. I’m pretty sure this is impossible, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wish for it. I’ve had lots of problems with them in the last few years, and the allergy medicines my doctor has me on don’t seem to help much.

I think the thing that bothers me most is that my ears are plugged up, which makes me feel like I’m underwater. And I’m sure my family is sick of having to repeat everything they tell me today. And I can’t hear them, but it also makes my ears bleed when they yell.

So. I’m home sick. And tomorrow is my dad’s 50th birthday, so I’m on the vacation calendar. So it’ll likely be Wednesday before I’m back there, which actually works out pretty well since I budgeted badly for the month and don’t have enough money to last me until the 30th. If I have two days without using gas or eating food, I might be able to stretch my cash until next week.

I say “so” a lot.

Also today in between bouts of sleeping and taking medicine, I’m cleaning my room. ‘Cause see, my grandparents are arriving from Iowa tonight (not the ones with the lingerie) along with their adopted daughter/friend person. This means that we’re doing some room rearranging, and I’ll be bunking in Sam’s room this week, while she takes one of the bunk beds in Jamie’s room. Our house will be very full for a while.

I’m also tentatively apartment-hunting, which happens every once in a while but I never seem to be able to scrape the cash together to make it a possibility. Maybe I should start a fund.

And my room has approximately 1,340 pounds of clothing and papers strewn about it, so I’ve got some work to do.

3 Replies to “What? Huh? My ears are plugged.”

  1. Your dad's birthday is tomorrow? Mine's is the 27th! Considering that they share a first name, middle initial, and first two letters of their last names, I think that's more than a little weird. I'm sorry you're sick – how annoying. My baby hurts.

  2. Looks like you've got enough in the way of clothes to afford a little sale and raise some healthy cash.

    Re: the sinus trouble:Outside of offering advice you won't heed and that may be off anyway, I offer you this – cotton balls. Stuff cotton balls in your nose. That's it. Now, people may call you “mouth breather” but, well, at least you'll be able to hear 'em.

    My Dad's birthday is April 2nd!

  3. chicken ribs and waffles on a friday is the way to go unless you run into the lochness monster then maybe tuesday would work better on a Wednesday, understand where im going with this

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