I have been having fall-down-and-die cramps all day today, so when I went home for lunch, I broke out one of those disposable heating pad things that you stick to your underwear. I’ve always stuck them on the inside part of the underwear, but happened to read the instructions while opening this one and saw that you are supposed to stick them on the outside of your underwear. Oh. I’m an idiot, apparently. So I stuck this one on the outside.

There was nothing in the instructions that warned me that the sticky heating pad might fall off of the outside of my underwear and out of my skirt on to the floor in the middle of the office this afternoon.

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  1. :o)!!

    That’s terrific. Honestly, I thought, while reading your little post, that to-the-body application made more sense. Stuck to your clothes you risk ruining a good pair of panties. Of course, that’s just what I thought. Seems the clothes are protected by weak adhesive.

    …and with all the different of panties/trouser/skirt combinations that women employ in their week, how does a maker of such a product know that the pad will stick?

    …okay, I’m having to think waaay too much about what panties you’ve got on vs. the placement of your skirts waistband and, well, the panties thing and dressing you and …oh, you know, just weird.

  2. They are underpants. But putting them on the outside of the underwear is ridiculous. It seems like some sort of marketing gimmick.

  3. I call them underwear.

    And I’ve never even heard of these stick-on heating pad thingies. Interesting.

    Did anyone see your fallout?

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