I was going to write and tell you about how awesome the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard is, but then I got one for lunch today and they forgot to put the pie in it. So I guess it was just a Pumpkin Blizzard. But that was good too.

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  1. The other day I announced I was going to Jack in the Box for lunch, did anyone want anything? A girl who is all into granola and herbal remedies checked out their website BECAUSE SHE’D NEVER BEEN THERE. She saw they had a pumpkin pie shake, and as soon as those three words were out of their mouth, I had people waving five-dollar bills at me like I was a really good stripper. My order was going to be four tacos and FIVE PUMPKIN PIE SHAKES. So I walked in and noticed that there were no seasonal signs for this pumpkin pie shake. I asked the guy behind the counter, and he LAUGHED AT ME. Normally I’m all, any job’s a job, retail and fast food included, but something about the way he laughed at me made me want to go “DUDE. YOU WORK AT THE JACK IN THE BOX.” Instead I said, “Well, it’s on your website.” Zinger. And my comment is officially longer than your aside.

  2. I heart the jack in the box… and they have none around here. Remember when we got those AWESOMELY huge burgers at the Jack in the box in Charlotte when we went to see Kelly?

    I also got the Laughed at/Employee Attitude when I asked for Pumpkin Pies at the McDonald’s here last year… and I was all.. well they have them in ROANOKE!

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