Where Did It Go?

I wrote this long entry on Friday afternoon about how I really hate it when people drop in for unannounced visits at our house, particularly when those visits end up lasting for several days. On Friday evening I checked for comments and didn’t have any, but I figured it was because I’d posted it so late on Friday afternoon that no one had gotten around to reading it yet.

I checked my email on Saturday and didn’t have a single comment notification in it, which is odd – usually at least one person will come up with SOMETHING to say about my current post, even if it blows.

And I had nothing. Not one.

Once in a while I get comments without email notification – some kind of quirk in the system, I think, so I figured I’d just visit the index page and check the comment box.

And my current entry up was the one I wrote on Thursday about my bug issues. Hmm. What?

I checked the archives. No mention of the entry about drop-ins. I checked my edit/delete entries area. Nothing. The member news area had no recent posts about Diaryland eating entries, so I dashed off a quick note to tech support asking where my current entry had gone, because I most definitely did not delete it myself. In fact, I hadn’t even visited the edit/delete area any time recently. And of course, this entry was one of the ones I hadn’t backed up.

My support request is still in the queue, which may mean that this has happened to other people too. But maybe not. Andrew & Sammy & co. normally do a pretty good job of maintaining a site that started small and has turned into a behemoth, so I’m not sure what’s going on. One time my entire template randomly disappeared for no apparent reason and they had it fixed within the hour, so I’m hopeful.

But I pay money every month to get the enhanced features, and the last time I checked, those enhanced features did not include random loss of entries.

I’m not slamming Diaryland. I’m really just slamming the Universe, I guess. Because it’s one of those days where I hate everyone.

Yep, even you.

11 Replies to “Where Did It Go?”

  1. to clarify: my comments were working fine. but the post itself was deleted, apparently. the whole thing disappeared.

  2. Yeah the post was there on sat for most of the day(I checked at 3:30 pm central). Overall on the post itself, I have little experience with relatives doing such. The only thing that happens to me is my grandmother usually being earlier than expected. Like we will have a holiday dinner set for 4:00 pm and she shows up at the door at 8:00 am expecting me to entertain her til the rest of the family gets there.

    That is bothersome, but after she did it once I just had to make sure I cleaned up etc, the night before every time after that.

  3. and that's why I laughed and laughed and laughed at bingo.

    'cause I'm a big, fat jerk.
    but nice enough to only post a little chuckle.

  4. And I did comment on that post, and noted that it didn't show up… how frustrating for you. It's why I left blogger for Typepad, though no template seems unflawed.

  5. aw. too bad, it was a good entry.

    i try to thinkabout what would happen if all my journal entries suddenly went *poof* due to copmputer wonkiness, and then i have to remind myelf to breathe.

  6. for the sake of chrissy hynde, please, stop your sobbing and <a href=”http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail10.html

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