Best-Laid Plans

Man, I actually woke up on time today, took a shower, got ready, and got to work on time. All things were in place, it seemed, for a really awesome/productive day.

Unfortunately, it’s been nothing but derailment since about five minutes after I sat down at my desk.

A hate list may follow.

3 Replies to “Best-Laid Plans”

  1. I am feeling like a hater for some reason today too. I look forward to your hate list, and am sure I will have some additions!

  2. I actually got up 1 hour earlier than I needed to. So I show up at my vanpool location at 4:55am…

    The good news is the stars were bright and clear at that time of the morning, so I came back, rolled out the telescope, and saw these celestial wonders:
    The Ring Nebula:
    The Great Globular Cluster of Hercules:
    The Needle Galaxy:

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