I Wish I Could Make This Stuff Up

Today was a really great day.

I woke up on time, had time to shower and do my hair, and got to work on time. I interviewed a really fascinating candidate for a job opening, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I came home, changed my clothes, grabbed a bottle of water and headed to a colleague’s house for a retreat, where we spent a few hours dangling our feet in the pool and thinking about next year. I came home (early!) to find that my parents had surprised me with a patio table and chairs and had installed miniblinds on my back door and windows while I was gone. The cable guy arrived right on time to install my cable modem, and my evil genius plan to get free cable worked EXACTLY AS I HAD HOPED.

I went to the grocery store. I got egg salad (it’s the craze that’s sweeping the nation) for dinner. And then later I had a scoop of Turkey Hill chocolate/vanilla ice cream in a mixing bowl because I am lame and lazy and my normal-sized bowls were in the dishwasher and it was between the mixing bowl and a saucer. So I went with the mixing bowl. Anyway, the ice cream rocked. And my duvet clips worked perfectly. And my books fit in my bookcase just as I’d hoped.

I was kind of bummed that after all my doe-eyed manipulation to get the cable guy to turn on the outlet in my bedroom for even more free cable, I was going to have to move the little TV to the other side of the room to reach that outlet, which would require another table or something to put it on, and it’s a small TV so I was afraid I couldn’t see it. But then I noticed that the cable guy had used a different cable with my cable modem than the one in the installation kit, which was 25 feet long and had a splitter. So I raced upstairs and ran the cable around the room and plugged it into the splitter and then I had free cable upstairs too, and that kicks so much ass I can’t even begin to tell you.

I was so excited that I decided to come down and get the phone and call my parents to tell them how awesome I am.

And then I fell down the stairs.

No, really. I fell down the stairs. I should have known it would happen eventually. I’ll probably be just fine, but I did turn my ankle, and it’s got that weird dull ache that tells me it’s probably swelling and will be sore tomorrow.

But I have free cable, so that makes it all okay.

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  1. there are way too many girls in my life who conssistently hurt their ankles.

    it was nice talking to you!

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