Drumsticks, Please

Let’s pause this blog for a moment to discuss why in the world I am constantly craving fried chicken lately, when it is something that I eat only very rarely under normal circumstances.

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  1. That’s weird also because I have been wanting absolutely nothing except the cheese enchiladas from El Maguey. If I could somehow set up a conveyor belt where the enchiladas just paraded in front of me, one after the other, I’d be in heaven.

  2. Please be cautious. Haven’t you seen that disgusting Burger King or McDonald’s commercial in which the man eats fried chicken so much he turns into a chicken?

    This also reminds me: Last time I visited my friends Ray and Lara in Florida, Lol gave Ray the news he dreaded: We were having chicken for dinner. Ray said something to the effect of, “I’ve eaten so much chicken lately I’m going to shit a pillow.”

    Now THAT’S an overdose.

  3. I eat my chickens fully plucked.

    But my cravings have been more for nuts and my vegetable/hummus dip combination.

    Your cravings will subside if the avian flu makes its way over here.

  4. You people are freaking me out. cK referred me to this particular story and his email arrived as I was eating hummus dipped chicken – I’m not kidding!

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