Life’s Little Questions

Why is it that when I contact my congressman about an issue on which he and I agree, he’s representing the interests of his constituency, but when I contact him about an issue on which we disagree, I’m pushing an agenda?

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  1. Who told you that you are pushing an agenda, the congressperson or a staffer? Your congressperson is there to listen to your input, to respond to the concerns of the voters. If he/she opposes your ideas, and you feel that subject carries a priority with you, then work to have another candidate elected instead.

    Either he/she is responding to a) their own ideological agenda, b) one pushed on them by their party (i.e., Delay the armtwister), c) campaign contributors, or d) a sleazy favor to another congressperson who has a vote trading deal going (i.e., you vote for mine, I’ll vote for yours).

    How can you express yourself in a “soapbox” type environment in today’s world? You can write a thoughtful letter to the editor of a local paper (or two); you can post it in your diary (if that’s the content you want in it); you can work on the campaign team of the candidate that will oppose them in the next elections; or ..

    Find out who your congressperson’s campaign contributors are at

    Find out how your congressperson voted on any particular legislative bill;

    See how your congressperson votes by broad issue with Scorecards;

    I’m wondering if it is Bob Goodlatte…. so many Virginia voters are soooooo out of touch and so easily manipulated with hot button propaganda.

    For serious reading, learn the secret tricks of the propaganda trade;

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