The Train Wreck They Call The City of New Orleans

New Orleans smells like pee and garbage. That was my first impression, which was acquired the moment I stepped off the plane into the oldest and most run-down part of the airport at like 8:30 on Thursday morning, and it continued to be my strongest impression of the city until the moment I left at like 6:00 on Sunday morning.

New Orleans was also, of course, really cool.

This was my first trip down there, and I hope it won’t be the last. I did a lot and saw a lot during the three days I was there, but there was so much more I wanted to see and do, and I think it definitely deserves another trip or four.

Sarah and Jason, dear friends of mine from NU, were married there on Saturday, and so a bunch of us had traveled down for the weekend to go to the wedding. It was awesome all around — a makeshift college reunion and a party weekend and a straight-up vacation and a celebration of one of the strongest loves we know all at once.

There’s so much I want to tell you about the trip, but I’m so busy and headachey today that I’m afraid I’ll procrastinate and end up never writing anything about it, so I thought I’d just give you this taste, and share my cameraphone pictures with you. There aren’t many, and once I get the pictures from my SLR developed I’ll add more. But for now, enjoy these nine shots (click to open in a new window).

P.S. — I also want to extend a warm welcome to everyone who is a new visitor to the site as a result of my drunken ramblings about it during the weekend. Yes, I got drunk and talked about…my website. I am a dork. Anyway, hi! I’m glad you’re here.

6 Replies to “The Train Wreck They Call The City of New Orleans”

  1. Uh, yeah. When I mention I have a website, people get excited. Then I say it’s a blog, and I get an, “Oh.” The worst part? I used to think I was totally awesome for having a blog. I’m the Queen of the Geeks!

  2. Right on. N.O. is easily the best place to go and get drunk (at least among cities that smell like human waste). Did you hook up with any groomsmen? That’s all we really want to know.

  3. i’ve heard that new orleans stinks. but i also heard they party like rockstars there. i went on a date w/ a dude f/ new orleans. he got ugly drunk and bit me on the thigh while i was driving.

  4. I look at your site and you didn’t even have to get drunk and blather on about it to me.. I’m easy that way. Glad you had fun in New Orleans. Maybe someday we’ll get to go..

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