i hate march

I’ve never been so ready to close the door on a month and leave it behind forever.

Fuck you, March. You piece of shit.

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  1. OK Lorie, tell us how you really feel!

    Yeah by your diary it has been a rough one, just makes you appreciate april then.

    Keep thinking “new begining” and go with it. Sorry to hear about most of the crap occuring to you and your family. Eventually it will get better, just gotta find when eventually is :)

  2. March is the bitchiest month. More of a tease than February, even. But April is like the supreme diety of months, and it kicks some serious Marchy ass. It will get better.

  3. While many things in life are at least indirectly a result of our actions, some events are simply too random. You are young, beautiful, intelligent, and wiser every day. You have a lot going for you, especially in comparison to the other 95% of the world.

  4. i want to interview you for my new site, because there' s nothing funnier and more ego- boosting than internet fame. if you' re up for it, that would be so hot.

  5. Lorie, I want to interview you for my new Bed Champion – because there's nothing more ego-boosting than …bedroom-lore fame.
    If you're up for it, that would be a world record.

  6. April … too many cards must be sent to my father's house this month (his birthday, his anniversary, his wife's birthday), and it rains a lot. Not that I'm putting the jinx on April. I have a nice girlfriend we call April.

  7. I hear ya, loud and clear.

    Of course, April 1st feels exactly the same as March 31st did, so I'm thinking April will be just as shitty, if not more.

    Hooray for what was supposed to be a great new year!

  8. geez – what ever happened to “every new day holds another chance to turn your little life around”? Hey, I know what makes me feel Totally better when I'm down about myself – turn off the teevee and radio and take a bath.
    It's Spring suckas – suck it up.

  9. A, I have the feeling you just tried to break a record for using the word 'bedroom' and 'interview'. Lorie, I love you!

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