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Ginny made it home on Thursday afternoon as scheduled. She’s doing mostly fine, as fine as can be expected, I suppose. We had catheter issues all weekend and had a big fat go-round with the alleged home health people, who suggested we take her to the doctor, and I’m like how in the fuck, exactly, shall we get her there? If we could take her to the doctor we wouldn’t HAVE an arrangement with home health. Bleh. I’ve done nothing but think about pee all weekend. I am now a pee expert. If you need to know anything about pee, ask, because I’m sure I’ll have the answer. I have a master’s degree in pee.

Also this weekend: I watched Three Days of the Condor, which was excellent. I went shopping for skirts and stuff, because I have three days of events to dress up for this week. And we shat our collective pants about fifty times watching Duke last night. If driving up the middle isn’t working, J.J., then quit fucking doing it! Okay. Onward.

If you live in the Roanoke area, local Food Lion stores are the only ones that carry Pudding Pops. I’m pleased to say that although they are smaller than they used to be, they taste exactly like I remember. And the swirl ones are still my favorite.

If you live in the Dallas area, go check out Marah at Gypsy Tea Room tomorrow night. I really like them a lot but have never seen them live, so you guys can go and tell me all about it. If you aren’t familiar with the band, go listen to some stuff. Listen to “East” first – it’s probably my favorite of their songs.

I’m afraid to jinx myself by saying this, but believe it or not, I’m actually really working on the mix I promised some of you about a year ago. “East” will definitely be on it. I have the list right here on my desk and I use it when I’m distracting myself from work stuff.

I should go do some of that work stuff now. A busy week awaits.

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  1. wow, i had no idea Food Lion was still around. it had it's hay day here in dallas way back when. i bought my first pack of condoms there. off course i was 12 and so they served the sole purpose for better understanding what in the gemini crickets a penis might look like. you must try there chocolate ice-cream. perhaps it's nothing more than nostaglic memories but i swear it was just the BEST in the WEST (until i discovered chocolate and raspberries by godiva). sweehh this is a long comment. ditto on the good morning.

  2. I am glad everyone is okay, and that you can now understand the ins and outs of the bladder, but lets talk about the serious issue. Pudding Pops. No freaking way! Thats awesome!

  3. I don't know about that Mahar, Lorie. …but hell, if they're the last Rock n' Roll band I'd really hate to miss 'em. “Three Days of the Condor.”Duke”J.JAll of these things means nothing to me – though I do know that Mike is eager to include Condor meat in his next lasagne. and let me tell you, it's one Damngood lasagne.

  4. Three Days of the Condor – a 1975 movie starring Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway, about a CIA agent who comes back from lunch to find his coworkers dead.

    Duke – a prestigious North Carolina university known for academics and a kick-ass basketball team, currently playing in the NCAA tournament.

    J.J. – short for J.J. Redick, sophomore guard for Duke, one of the best outside shooters in the nation, and local boy. Fun to watch.

    Sorry you didn't go for Marah – they're not my favorite band, and they're not for everyone, but I do enjoy most of their stuff.

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