Oh, You Stupid Thing

Let’s suppose you had to stay home from work yesterday because you had a vicious stomach bug of some variety that made you spend the entire day in one of the following two conditions: a) in the bathroom or b) sleeping on the couch having weird dreams where you fought with Chinese restaurant waitstaff over what, exactly, constituted sushi.

It’s probably not a good idea to go out after work the very next day and have a jumbo margarita and a shitload of Mexican food, no matter how pissed off you are at your coworkers, your boss, your chosen career field, or your place of employment in general.

My belly hurts. Owww.

8 Replies to “Oh, You Stupid Thing”

  1. ick… you better get well.. cause you have to come visit me … and if you don’t… i’m writing you out of my will… once i write one! :)

  2. Any Pepto Bismal or Tums available?

    I had an interesting dream the other night as well. When the alarm went off, the radio must have been bumped previously, because no station was on, just fuzz. I recognized it as the alarm, though, in the middle of my dream about lectures I was to attend that day. The first one was, “The Benefits of Beans”. I already knew about said benefits, so I decided to sleep in. About 10 minutes later, I realized through the fuzz that I had been dreaming, and dashed through the shower, unceremoniously scarfed down a bowl of cereal, and sped off to catch my vanpool by the skin of my unbrushed teeth.

  3. i’m infamous for taxing my stomach right after it’s been mad at me. as i say – nothing like three bowls of popcorn right after you’ve been sick to your stomach, at least there’s nothing like until an hour later, when, well, there it is again!

    as for your tivo troubles – have you considered buying shows off itunes? now shows can be yours for a mere $1.99. personally i’m very excited about this and am once again miffed that i cheaped out on my laptop and didn’t get the dvd burner.

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