I feel like a noodle. Seriously.

In typical noodle-like fashion, I spent literally the entire weekend lying on the couch or sleeping, with occasional breaks to check email or play Starcraft. Starcraft, incidentally, is my second choice game, as my Sims CD spontaneously exploded inside the CD-ROM drive the other week. I can send it back to EA and get a replacement disc for like 8 bucks, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet as I am lazy.

Much like a noodle, I am pale and generally limp (shut up), and if you throw me at the wall to see if I’m done I will probably stick. I am weak as a kitten, and walking trips from one room to the next are expeditions of mammoth proportions, requiring canteens of water and frequent rest stops. This shit sucks, and I am going to the doctor at lunchtime to beg for help.

So, in hard-core noodle mode, I watched a lot of football this weekend, and holy CRAP, Brett Favre, way to lose a game. Loser. If you hadn’t whaled that ridiculous pass right into the hands of that waiting Philadelphia Eagle in overtime, that game would have turned out differently, now, wouldn’t it? You had done so well, and then – poof.

It’s okay, though, because since the Broncos let the Colts beat the pants off them last week, we’re rooting for the Carolina Panthers now, and so they would have been required to beat you next week anyway. But I’d rather have seen you play them than Philly.

I should hate the Colts for beating the Broncos, but really, they would have had to forcibly break their own arms and legs to avoid winning that game, and so who can blame them for not wanting to do that? Besides, New England annoys me (why have a football team for an entire region?) and Peyton Manning is sort of cute, so I’m planning for an Indy/Carolina Super Bowl. Can you dig that? I knew that you could.

One thing’s for sure – with all these crazy close playoff games, it looks like we’re going to have a good Super Bowl no matter which teams are playing.

I did literally nothing this weekend but lay around coughing and wheezing, so I have nothing to talk about today except football. Exciting stuff, there.

“Noodle” is one of those words that gets really funny after a few tries. Say it. Noodle. Noodle. Noodly noodle.


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  1. I am a huge Titans fan so I watched a lot of football this past weekend too. We lost to the Patriots and that really sucks but now I am going for the Colts too. I blame the Titans loss on the weather. They were in ridiculous conditions and our southern boys just aren't used to it. Of course we played like shit too which might have had something to do with it… Anyways I went to the University of Tennessee and Peyton was a wonderful quarterback for them so I too think he is great. I have to say that he is getting better looking with age, he wasn't quite the hunk in college but he's holding his own now. It could be because he's a millionaire now…Anyways I'm with you…Go Colts!

  2. oh-la-la this is a very fancy new lay out little noodlcious bug. i like all the stripes and colors and read something about football, i think…obviuosly my eyes go straight to anything not football. not that i have anything against it. i take some of my best naps during games. hehe. sorry your feeling like a noodle but as my mother told me, “tis better to be a noodle than to be noodled.” wise woman.

  3. Ahhhh….the hate. The BOSTON Patriots are no longer mostly because the city wouldn't build them a team, and they moved out in the middle of Massachucetts. Plus, no other state in NE will ever have team. And if you want cute. TOM BRADY all the way. Peyton's got acme. Plus they beat the Broncos. Get on with the Pats.

    Anyway, the comment the made this nubbly noodle want to contact you is STARCRAFT!!! you play starcraft too! That sucker came out in 1997 and we still play it. What's you fav race?

  4. Actually, Jake Plummer is my favorite currently playing NFL quarterback, by far. He is my fake boyfriend. I loved me some Zak Kustok when I was in college – very cute and a wonderfully nice guy, as well. Starcraft! I'm so totally stuck in 1997 gaming. I am ashamed to admit that I've started into the game three or four times since I got it (in 2000) and have never gotten past the Terran campaigns. This time I will, though, and then I'll get back to you. :)

  5. Dude, I watched the Rams/Panthers game between shows Saturday, and when I went back to work, I thought it was over and we'd lost. Oh no, it was in overtime, and one woman was on her cell phone getting updates, with everyone in the theater standing around her in concentric circles. Then as soon as she said, “Aww, okay,” and hung up, everyone dispersed and about 4 million people who had been listening in their cars came streaming in the doors.
    It was a good night for grief tips.

  6. in the immortal words of mike patton (lead singer of faith no more, mr bungle, et al): “squeeze me macaroni.” i've got nothin'.

  7. saw the titan's crash and brett bite the boner – isn't he too far along in his career for throws like that?

    /and still, I really don't care.

  8. Going for the Colts as well. You're right, that Manning is a little cute.

    As far as gaming goes…I haven't been able to stop playing Toe Jam & Earl. Hee.

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