Note To Executives At The Big 4 Networks

Your decision to move everything in the entire universe to Thursday nights in the fall will cause me to subject several of my favorite shows to death matches.

Thanks a lot, bitches.

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  1. The Office is moving up to 8:30, where it will conflict with Survivor. Grey’s Anatomy is moving to 9 on Thursdays, up against CSI. I think there was a third big one but I can’t remember for sure, and CBS and FOX haven’t released their fall schedules yet but I have a bad feeling about Idol.

  2. CBS had its upfront today – Without a Trace is moving to Sundays at 10. Not sure how I feel about that.

  3. for the record: I read this post 3 times.

    …lotta good it did me. However, you had me at “your decision”; you’re damn right it is. (I, of course, missed the title at first.) :o)

  4. this gives you more nights to not watch TV!

    (yeah, i’m one of those, but yknow, i am also very upfront about my internet problem.)

  5. Fortunately for me, at least in this instance, I lack the concentration necessary to follow a show. I can read ULYSSES or MOBY DICK or other monstrosities daily, though. This is probably a sign of a neuro-chemical imbalance (on my part).

    I will say that I dislike the networks doing this. When the reality tv craze exploded, I thought it was more than anything a massive attempt to thwart SURVIVOR, not by offering alternatives in the genre but by making the genre so tiresome that people would give up on all shows.

    Overloading Thursdays with “powerhouse programming” will water down so-and-sos numbers, yeah, but if I were an ad buyer on Madison Avenue, I’m not sure I’d book my space on those nights when everyone’s just flipping channels. I’d choose the sure winners.

    Then again, I love commercials. I find them more entertaining than sitcoms (though not more entertaining than British sitcoms, unless they’re British commercials).

  6. more bad news: once you fall in love with Aaron Sorkin’s writing (which you will be doing soon), you’ll hate the fact that his new show, STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, will also air at 9:00 EST on Thursdays.

    ain’t life a knife?

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